Friday, January 13, 2012

E2E #3

Okay So NOW the second week is over.

Weigh in: 327 (+2)

Waist: 49.5" (-.5)

Work out: NONE. ABSOLUTELY ZERO WORK OUTS THIS WEEK... maybe half of one.

Food: Alright. Under my 2200 calories every day. But I put a lot of garbage in my body after the midweek check in. Real garbage. Honey bun. Brownies. Carbs have been up up up the last three days of work parties and back to school parties.

Book: It's finally not talking to me about myself esteem anymore which is very exciting. The best prompt it talked about this week was our notion of wasting food. It dared me to eat half of something and then throw the rest away. It also dared me to go through my cupboards and throw anything away that would just be waste for my body instead of proper fuel.

Partner: Melissa is a GRANDMA - a very young one! She's got a new baby girl named Cooper in the family. :)

Support: I've been checking in with many of you out there.

So, let's talk about this gain... Garbage in. Garbage out. It was a rough week. I attended many parties and didn't avoid the goodies like I should. I feel gross about it too - as last night was a very sugary night. So instead of beating myself up about it...   I've gotta come up with a game plan for next week. This was the first week I lost my gym pass and I was a lazy lump on a log. Here goes...

Exercise Plan: I contacted my old swim teacher. She's willing to give me personal training 3x this week (Tues, Wed, Fri) at her place. So it's going to be hardcore body weight exercises (lunges, squats, arm bands, free weights, treadmill). Boy is coming this weekend... so we'll go on a walk every day. It might not be super-cardio-push-yourself kind of walk, but movement none the less.

Food Plan: Having a menu worked half well this week. It worked when I stuck to it. So I'm going to make another menu and try to get high protein calories in there so I can feel fuller, longer. Good news, I'm half broke. I have enough for groceries, but not for going out. So I WILL BE COOKING. (P.S. I also did the dishes today so those aren't hanging over my head.)

Tonight - I'm going to lava hot springs. My back has been killing me. The lumbar area muscles are freaking out, I suppose from not getting as much movement and activity as they're used to.

Day 2 of 30: This is my happy place. I LOVE books. Libraries. Reading. Stories. Novels. Dictionaries. WORDS! How powerful are these little symbols that we interpret!!! I can sit in a room alone and these symbols can make me laugh or move me to tears. It's amazing what can be expressed through words or empathized and sympathized. One of the New Years goals this year is to read 100 books. I can do that. I'd do the BBC list, but I've read most of it. So if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments!

Big Fat BOOKY Love,


  1. I LOVE Lava Hot Springs!!! In 2003 I lived in DC and made a special trip to WA, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota ... because I'd never been to those states. I stayed there for a night and loved, loved, loved it! Then in 2008 when I lived in Oregon for a while, I stopped there on my way to Montana. I'd go back in a heartbeat. I mean, if I was anywhere in Idaho I'd try to go back. It's that great! A treasure of SE Idaho!

  2. I'm there with ya, sister. It has been a rough week foodwise. I've been very naughty plus I sat on my bum all day every day almost. Tomorrow is do it or die day. I'm going to make myself get my mind right.

  3. It's so good to have a game plan. I am continuing to work on mine. I did avoid sweets now for 4 days (except the tiny piece of birthday cake tonight I'm hoping won't make me start over).
    Good luck this week Nanette. I know you can do good and you will.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  4. Hey, I use the PINK perfume too! I'll make sure I email you soon with my number so that you can knock off that garbage in/out thing you've got going on! Talk to you soon <33

  5. Gillian Riley talks about self-esteem, and I agree with her. It's not this fuzzy emo thing. Self-esteem comes from ACHIEVING something--we do something worthy, hard, challenging and it gives us that sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. She's on it. We can't TALK ourselves into self-esteem. WE BECOME it..we do it...act by act, decision by decision, victory by victory.

    As someone who loathed herself for a good portion of her life, I do note that the times I did hard things and did them WELL...I liked myself. I felt..proud of myself. Whether it was choosing to learn to like someone initially off-putting and hateful, tutoring, charity work, writing good stories or poems, losing weight, sticking with exercise, maintaining a great marriage, forgiving when I didn't want to, studying for degrees, doing a good job at work. When I put the effort and DID IT, that's when my self-esteem was high. When I self-indulged, self esteem was low.

    Something about discipline and self-sacrifice and working on something seems to really make us feel better about ourselves, I guess.

    Anyway, hope this week is better for you. Let's say NO to the crap...and feel victorious, yes? Oh, and the linky is now up. So add your update. :D

  6. I'm a bona fide bibliophile, and have been since cihldhood. English was always my fave subject, too. I own thousands of books. Literally. I have a one bedroom apartment..just for my books. No one lives there..I just keep my books there.

    I'm now using readers, as I really need to whittle down my possessions, as one of my goals as I slip into my dotage, is to simplify live in smaller digs. Means my books acquired over decades must go. THOUSANDS. I will keep some reference and rare books, and my collection of sci-fi Richard Powers covers...and art books. But most will have to go. No room in my smaller, future living space. Retirement is not that far away, and old folks can't keep up with too much stuff, ya know? ; )

    thank god I can have thousands of books in "the cloud".

  7. I'm with you on the self esteem thing... Reading a book won't get you there. I like esteem exercises - particularly things that push you beyond your "limits." But reading the first 10 days in 100 days of weight loss seemed kind of pointless. Particularly since this isn't my first 100 days. It did deal with of a lot of things that many of us talk about here in our blogs... things like making plans. Telling ourselves we can do it. Setting up a support system. Setting up an accountability system. However, it's not really engaging if you've already been completing those things before you started reading the book. It's getting past the "surface" insightfulness finally and beginning to address personal interaction with food.

    I'm jealous of your book room. That sounds like a magical place. :) I've been selling my books slowly. It feels like I'm killing parts of my soul when I let them go. But I can buy them again. I can get them on Kindle and never have to move them from one apartment to another again. Even though, the physical act of HOLDING the book, flipping the pages, smelling the ink will never really be replaced.

    P.S. JORDAN!!!! Lava Hot Springs is one of my favorite places on earth. It's super exciting to know that someone out there has been! Invisible connecting thread through our lives!!! :)

  8. Awe, sorry your week was rough. A gain always sucks! But you have your game plan ready for next week and it sounds like you´ll rock again!
    Good luck to you Nanette!

  9. I used to love books. But since Internet times I have been not so good with reading anymore. I hope, I get there again sometimes. Like I was saying on my blog: I hope to at least get better with the reading of real books.
    Hope you will be more motivated this coming week. And see some success on the scale too.

  10. Sorry about the gain....the carbs hae been screamimg out to me this week, too. Looks like you'll get some good exercise this week tho...go for it! Love your book space!

  11. I'm sorry I haven't checked in on you this week, but things have been crazy! Cooper is back in the hospital because she can't keep her formula down so I've been helping with all that.

    As for your gain, lets get you back on track this week. I'm glad you have someone to work with. Hopefully that will help you stay committed to the workout schedule. If you can meal plan again this week I think that would be helpful,but give yourself something special each day that has great flavor so you feel satisfied.

  12. I love books too, I wish I could make more time for reading! I'm drawn to bookstores where I can peruse all sorts of genres & topics yet I rarely make purchases. Mainly cause I have a Kindle & rather get my books on that so I can read anytime, anywhere using my Kindle app on my iPhone. It's pretty awesome! It's great to see you have a plan to get back into things, the time to lose is now! You don't want this fmgsining to continue, you can do it!

  13. Weight gain. Sucks, I know. But you know you were eating garbage so you know why there was a weight gain. Time to get back into the groove. I know, easier said than done. Soooooo, what's your plan for this week? ;) The menu idea is a good one. It's worked for me in the past. It worked so well that I can now look at what I have in the freezer/fridge and plan my menu for the day, down to the recipes I'll want to use. I can't give you suggestions for the exercise dealy because I think everyone is having issues with that ... even had a few folks at my Weight Watchers meeting say the same thing about this past week. I guess everyone's trying to get back to their routine now that all the holidays are officially over and school is back in session. So let's just commit to trying to move more this week. :)

  14. Just wanted to check on you... I'm missing you on My Fitness Pal. How's your swimming going?

  15. THrowing away food> Oh that used to be so hard for me!!!! I thot I was waisting it. BUT, then I realized that was NOT TRUE!! Putting unhealthy food in my body is a waste!!!

    LOVE your book reading area!!! I want one!


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