Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday plan...

Just finished my work out with Sarah. This one was only 17 minutes long. But high heart rate, massive sweating and I can already feel soreness creeping into my shoulders. I consider it a success and a great way to start the day.

Life is so good right now. I work 30 hours Monday through Thursday. So today = weekend.

To Do
- laundry
- library
- work out
- make next week's menu.
- think long and hard about when you're going to fit in piano practice time (mon-thurs).
- stick to the meal plan.

Breakfast: Smoothie! Blueberry and banana and almond milk.
Snack: Banana
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich (Spelt bread) w/baby carrots.
Snack: protein bar and fruit leather.
Dinner: Salmon Fillet baked w/olive oil mayo
Snack: Edamame steamed.

Weekends are rough. Weekends are social times. Social times equal food, drinking, laziness, running out of time for the things I keep in rigid schedule during the week (work outs, meditation, reading, hot baths). I usually allow myself to go out to eat ONCE a week on Friday with my friend Holly before our library trip. But I'm not going to do it this time. Today it's just the library and a movie at her place while she lets me do laundry in her machine instead of paying at the mat.

Official post at the end of the day. :) Starting the next book this morning.

Big Fat Friday-workout Love,


  1. The blueberry, banana and almond milk combo sounds delicious!

    Weekends are wicked, or can be. It's all about finding structure when you have free time on your hands. I suck at it, when I feel bored and think I might go eat something - I read or go for a walk.

  2. You are doing really awesome, and I'm so impressed with your food choices. I can't wait to see your numbers tomorrow!


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