Saturday, January 7, 2012

E2E #2

WOOOOOO!!!!   Week two!

Weigh in: 325 (-0).

Waist measurement: 50"

Food: Under 2200 Every Day!

Water: 100 oz EVERY DAY!

Exercise: Cardio- 4 hours. Weight lifting: 2 hours.

Book: 100 days of weight loss EVERY DAY!

Partner: Melissa - she's doing well and so excellent at reminding me to get my posts up. I heard from her earlier yesterday. So I know she's alive. We also had a lovely 30 min gmail chat this week. She's super cool. She makes everything from scratch and wants to live in a more rural area than the highly populated east. So basically we want to trade places! :)

Support: Definitely commented on more than 3 blogs this week. Though with work and whatnot, it has slowed me down a little.

Quote: This is not a commitment to a challenge or a diet plan. This is a commitment to your body and a commitment to lifestyle change. This a commitment to a healthier tomorrow.

So here's what I've been learning....  
A- I'm addicted/obsessive about weighing. When I see my weight fluctuate... which is normal, I freak out.  I don't have a scale at home for a reason. I weigh in at the gym... which also makes me go to the gym if I'm being a curious bear.

B- WHEN I CONSUME TOO FEW CALORIES, I GAIN WEIGHT. Multiple times this week I was below even 1500 calories. And then when I weighed in... 333lbs! WHAT?! However, I've gotten back on track. I'm trying to float around 1900 and vary it so as to keep another plateau from happening.

C - I'm a fiercely independent gym goer. I had a lot of scheduling issues with my dear friend and gym buddy, Trent... and I went without him multiple times... and WORKED MY ASS OFF. Mainly because I was angry he bailed but secondly because I was the only one holding me responsible and I know when I'm crapping out early.

D - If you comment too quickly on multiple blogs, it shuts you out of your blogger account. So for future reference...   anyone can reach me at

E - I can lose weight even when I eat out. Keep making smart decisions. Broccoli instead of fries. Salad instead of pasta. Salad instead of mashed potatoes. MORE GREEN.


Big Fat Learning Love,

P.s. Finished a book this week "The Art of Racing in the Rain." Beautiful. I recommend it. I won't think of dogs the same ever again.


  1. Hi Woman! I'm so proud of you for sticking to your workout schedule even when your buddy bailed. I know how easy it would have been to just skip it till next time. As for your calories I want to encourage you to pack your lunch the night before and include enough food to get you through the day! No more of this being stuck at work and starving.

    Have a good week and I will check in on you!

  2. You are doing great, Nanette! Good for you! Let's keep rocking it!

  3. I read that book and loved it, too. Your post sounds so positive, and it's great that you recognize that you're learning a lot. In fact, I'm learning a few things from you, too.

  4. it's great that you kept going to the will show in the long run. I agree that you can eat out as long as you make smart choices. I don't eat salad dressing out as it is hard to eat the right amount and even though they may say its lo fat or ff the cal count may still be high. I found that that helped me a lot and after a while I got used to it ...I also use a lot less at home now. keep it up and get a handle on the food.

  5. Awesome commitment to you, going to the gym without your gym buddy! I myself rather exercise on my own:-) It's interesting that you say you gain when you eat less. I think it proves the whole thing about your body going into starvation mode & holding onto fat rather than burning it, for fear that it won't get enough fuel. Do make sure to get those calories in, especially when working out. This is something I have to remind myself of too:-)

  6. Damn girl, you are kicking ass! I'm so impressed! You've hopped right back into weight loss mode. Give me some of your motivation, please! Also good that you're learning your calorie levels in order to try to stay out of plateau zone! Good luck next week.

  7. My exercise buddy has sorta changed her views too so I'm on my own most of the time but I seem to work out just as great if not better when I'm alone so no complaints but I do enjoy when she comes.
    Keep up the great work. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  8. You are doing great. I'm looking forward to see, how the pounds fly of your hips. It's so good we can encourage each other here.

  9. Okay, you're so going to confuse yourself. :) This is the end of WEEK ONE, and the FIRST UPDATE (your previous one was the initial goals post, not an update,really. ) Er, all right, challenge leader lecture now over.

    Okay, as far as the weight thing, if you find you're exercising and keeping to 1900 calories and the weight still hasn't budged in, say, two weeks, then baby, you may need to see a doc. That's just..well, something up. At your size, with your activity, those calories...something may be an impeding factor. Is your insulin and is your thyroid okay? Ever had them checked? Because, really, you should be dropping pounds at that caloric level..every week. Well, just a heads up. A thing to consider (unless you already had that checked and I missed it, or forgot it, cause I am forgetful. ; )

    Happy first week done, and now into week 2.


  10. I recently had my blood work done... in november? Everything checked out. I'm logging everything I eat as precisely as I can without typing in all my recipes. Measuring. etc.

    But I have noticed that on my higher carb days I see higher numbers. So I'm guessing there might be a bit of an insulin resistance starting. I want to get more tests. However, no longer being a student, I have lost my insurance. So it's diet and exercise until I can afford another blood test and gym pass.

  11. I've been trying to stay around 1800cal/day and was wondering some of the same things you are. Less calories, at least now, are not going to do the trick.
    I used to listen to a podcast called fat2fit They had some really helpful guidelines about calorie intake. I forgot about all about those guys! Gonna go back and listen again.

  12. What Mir said...I know the insurance issue sucks raw eggs at the moment, but you can't let this get too far out of hand without a followup consult with the Dr. Okay? Okay.

  13. You did so good. I´m hoping for a loss for you next week!!

  14. Funny how weight seems to drop off all of a sudden like that. For me, it seems like when my weight isn't going down, my body is changing, and then my weight changes for a while and my body stays the same. Way to be consistent and not let the numbers affect what you do every day! Keep eating right and exercising, and your body will do great things for you!


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