Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year... New Adventures.

I keep trying to tell myself it will be adventures... By nature I'm a planner. A list maker. A type-A, know where you're going, 5 year plan, kind of person. So, imagine my surprise when I got an email on Christmas Eve saying that my financial aid was being revoked because I was past my max credit limit that was just readjusted this fall by the school from 192 to 180. No warning. Just WHAM!

Technically, it's not screwing up my school plans. I have one credit left to finish and I have an incomplete in it so I don't even have to register. But I'm a terrible self motivated practicer (It's my piano proficiency class). What it IS screwing up are my financial plans. I was going to take my last loan/grant/scholarship round and use the change check to pay for my move out to NYC in June and my trip to Italy with the choir - pending a grant approval for the choir thing.

Turns out that the grant for the choir fell through. The financial aid fell through. I have my tax return coming. Which is great. But losing my "student" status means I could potentially lose my job at the Distance Learning center. Ouch. Right? Well, I have a friend who manages American Eagle and she might be able to swing me a job working freight. That would be a MAJOR paycut. From 12.50 to 8.00. WHICH WOULD KILL MY ABILITY TO PAY BILLS... not to mention save for NYC. BAH!  

So I'm starting to look at Nannying jobs. If you get paired with a family, you get to live in with them and they pay for your relocation. It's a year commitment. But it's a good fall back.

In the meanwhile, I can keep my music clerk job (10hpw, $8.00 hourly) for sure, potential American Eagle (15-20hpw, $8.00 hourly) and HOPEFULLY KEEP (prayers, vibes, thoughts please) my DL job (20hpw, $12.50 hourly).

P.S. Thought I was getting my change check this week. I'm not. I'm also not getting paid for any work because of vacation. However, I was spending like I was getting my change check. So I'm trying to make $40 stretch until January 20. That might kill my food budget. ***insert curse words*** Time to find babysitting jobs, housework, house sitting etc.

Adventure, right?

Losing student status also means I lose my gym membership. UGH! But I'm not graduated so I'm not sure if I can get an alumni pass... or if I'm going to have to go across town to go to the expensive gym (no car as well). If I CAN get an alumni pass, I will have to wait until January 20th at the EARLIEST to pay for the new pass. So there will be a guaranteed 2 weeks with no gym.

However, for now, I'm still pre-enrolled. So I've got the gym for the next week with certainty. I've got to come up with an at home work out plan just in case everything falls through.


I'm also losing my student insurance. UGH. Just realized that. No more blood work to see my progress.

SO...  dum-da-da-dum!!!!


This week...

  • Eat left over produce in the house/ABSOLUTELY NO GOING OUT. 
  • Make menus - STICK TO THEM. 
  • Work out every day. You don't know if you'll have the gym next week. 
  • Start collecting at home work outs - I have a yoga mat, exercise ball, and two feet perfect for walking. I'll be loving it up with

So as not to be ridiculously negative... Or "realistic" as I call it, Here's the good news. Remember that last guy I was dating... the guy who didn't support weight loss at all? Well this new one is excited about the weight loss thing. Not just for me but for himself as well. So for new years, we're racing each other to -50 lbs. It's so nice. He came to stay the weekend and we made healthy choices. Went on walks together. Cooked together. He's really easy to be around and keep to what I think is important. He's SO DANG SUPPORTIVE - of everything. But I'm not mormon much anymore, so ultimately it will end, plus I'm moving. But for now... it's delightful and not negative and not sarcastic. Just fun and kinda silly. It makes this financial stuff bearable to have something going well.



  1. You have really gotten hit with some major stuff but stuff happens as they say. You seem to have a plan and are figuring things out. Staying in control in all areas of your life that you can will see you through this. Take care.

  2. Nanette,
    I'm truly sorry to hear about your school and financial problems. I hope you can make it through until something opens up for you. I will remember you in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there and don't hesitate to call us for support if you need it. I am wishing you the best with the weight loss challenge and also with life's challenges.

  3. Wow, 2012 has begun challenging your resourcefulness and budgeting acumen, has it not? Clearly, the cosmos is out to strengthen you up for your emerging future.

    You will learn, grow, get strong. It's a bit scary, but it's also a strangely enviable place to be--on the verge of coming to that new place, young and ready to just bloom the hell outta yourself.

    Go and bloom, girl!

  4. I love that perspective... challenging my resourcefulness and budgeting acumen... I'll show it some freaking resourcefulness. Nothing is going to stop me from going to NY. NOTHING.

    My friend Taylor always says "cusping on the edge of your next greatness." But I definitely like "just bloom the hell outta yourself." Filed away in the brain's quote file.

  5. I just saw this post, not sure how I missed it before. As for financial hardships I can so relate with those! We have been living on 1,400 to 1,500 hundred dollars a month for the last year and it has caused us to examine how we spend and what we can do to save. If you want to look at my other blog it has many idea's on how to live on almost nothing, the only downfall is you have to be able to do and make things yourself. I know time can be hard to come by sometimes. One thing I would suggest is to see if you can find a food co-op or farmers market in your area. That has saved us more money than anything and we eat whole fresh unprocessed food.

    I taught myself how to make Laundry detergent, soap, body butter, body scrub, deep hair condition treatment, yogurt, fresh bread, cheese, salsa, soups,etc. if we bought it before I found a way to make it with basic ingredients that were cheaper than store bought items.

    Let me know if you have a specific area that needs help and I will give you suggestions.

  6. Wow! You have a lot going on right now! I will be praying for you and hopeing things turn for the better really soon!!!

    You have a vision, so you will make it through the tough times!! Keep plugging away!!

  7. Wow, that would stress me right the heck out. I hope you get through these little snags (little?) and onward with a great year. Be well!


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