Monday, January 30, 2012

Poor Thing...

I got news this morning that a dear friend of mine was beaten up outside our local gay bar this weekend. He is gay. That kind of violence is something that is so foreign to me. I've lived in a world where, if you're displeased you use your words. Generally, I consider Idaho a very conservative place, but at least well-mannered. And Pocatello has received recognition for being safe and a cheap place to live. Hate crimes... bizarre.

Friend did not hit on these gentlemen. Friend did not act in any overtly sexual or offensive way. Friend walked out of a gay bar and into three men that had a problem with that. Physical confrontation over walking out of a gay bar. So hateful.

We're having lunch to talk about it here in a little bit. I told him I'd host because I AM STICKING TO MY MENU. Therefore he has to stick to my menu too - heh.

Big Fat Gay Love,



  1. I hate that for your friend! Good thing he has you to help him through this.

  2. Thoughts and prayers for your friend. Stuff like this makes me absolutely sick, I just don't get it. I can never wrap my mind around it, what is the 'trigger' that sets these animals off to beat on someone for just simply being who they are? Karma will get them. Big time, I hope. Ugh, seriously I could go off in a tornado of obscenities right now that describe those pieces of garbage that did this to your friend. Ugh. :(

  3. People are threatened when others are different from them. Men are especially offended by homosexuality because of the macho, male ego thing. Violence is how we deal with things these days. I am sorry that your friend was the target of such undeserved hate.

  4. I had a cousin who was murdered because he was gay. It has to stop!!


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