Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Trainer and I did one of the max interval Insanity DVDs. 60 minutes of HIIT+Cardio. My arms are shaking still..... and my legs... I can barely type. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I probably should have done some more of the other dvds before I jumped into the max interval stuff. But what the hell? Why push yourself 110%?

I have a headache from losing so much water via sweat. I keep kidding with Trainer, that if she misses me while I'm gone, she's probably got enough of my DNA in her carpet to get me recreated. I thought it was so funny and gross... I was doing push ups and collapsed bc my arms were dead and landed in a moist patch of carpet (not a euphemism). I did that. That's my effort. That's my gross sweat. Those are my pounds and calories and chemicals that I'm sweating out and that's GREAT.

My eating has been crazy, but still not over my daily caloric limit according to MFP. My weigh ins are showing no gain, no loss. I know I've got to push myself for the rest of the week if I want to see a negative number on Sunday. WHICH I DO. I WANT IT. 

Today's activities that do not involve the internet... 

I have printed off a bunch of fitness quotes and stuff... I'm going to make them fancy, cut them out, mount them on fancy paper, laminate them and then put them around my house. My walls are empty. I've sold my book shelves, paintings, taken down photos. I need something to keep looking at and reminding myself that I am an object in motion! 

Also... renewing birth control prescription. Because that's important. I'm going to start it up again here in May and see if it won't hinder my progress this time around. No skipping periods as that seems to screw things up with the weight loss. 

Big Fat Sweat Puddle Love, 


  1. I sweat more than anyone I know! But I love it! :) Because I'm that "freak" who likes to go to the dentist! ;) Keep rockin it!

  2. LOL.... love that you told the trainer she can recreate you from the DNA left in the carpet.... PRICELESS! You are too funny, and you kick some serious butt on the working out! KUDOS to ya!!

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  4. Your tenacity and no quit spirit inspire me!

  5. Congrats on working so hard. Very inspirational! I need to amp it up a little myself.

  6. Your workouts sound intesne!! GOod for you for pushing yourself so hard. The scale is bound to catch up!!

  7. You are so good! I would love to workout with you sometime, I think we would have had a blast!

    1. YES! Well... if you're ever in NY... Shoot me an email. I'd work out with you in a heart beat... and you'd probably hand my ass to me. :)

  8. Sounds like a TOUGH workout! Awesome :)
    I hate sweating, but at the same time it feels so good to see/know that I've worked hard!


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