Saturday, April 7, 2012

E2E Final Post

Sept 14

April 7
Goal: 299
Began at 325
Down to 308 (-5 this week) and -17 total. Almost met the goal!

Goal: 49"
Began at 51"
Down to 46.5" (-.5")

Goal: 60"
Began at 65"
Down to 62"... ambitious... I was close? heh.

Sept 14
April 7
I might not have hit the goal weight. But I feel great about what I have accomplished. Doubling up the work outs was hard. I was more careful with my eating this past week. My freaking period stopped finally (not that it was abnormal, I'm just impatient). Yesterday my weight was even LOWER! But I take the "official" weigh in of Saturday morning.

My progress photo shorts are very near retirement. I can now pull them up and down with out unzipping or unbuttoning them. The cami... You can see it gaps around my armpits because I'm getting narrower... but my belly still stretches it. Though not nearly as much.

I believe I have changed every single method that I was planning on using to lose weight.
I've cut calories down to about 1300-1700.
I've stopped spending HOURS at the gym and doing 12-30 minute HIIT work outs.
I've started cooking different things, but I've cut out wheat this time around.

There are no intentions of quitting here. I'm probably going to have to do this for another 1-2 years before I can really hit my goal weight. So I'll continue blogging and following those of you who are still going.

Mir has been awesome for hosting this challenge, particularly through her own hard times. I've loved the small challenge. It's been so much more manageable to get to know each one of you. You guys have all taught me things whether it be through observation or example. It's been great. I'm doing the next challenge (Ready for Summer Challenge) which is much larger and a little less intense, but I like the standard of E2E... the waist measurements, the weigh in, water and calorie goals, plus the mini challenges of RFSC... Another accountability tool! I will still be reading blogs from all those that post and choose to continue.

However, Come hell or high water, I WILL BE MOVING TO NYC Under 300lbs.

Big Fat Losing It Love,


  1. Nanette!!! Look at you!!! Keep that green tank and use it to do more comparison pics!!! Keep pushing yourself!! Dont give up!! And weeks when that scale doesnt budge, kick it up and go again!! Ive loved getting to know you thru this challenge!!! I cant wait til we can celebrate you being in New York in the 200s!!!

  2. That is awesome!!! I'm with you for the long haul - giving up is not an option.

  3. I love your attitude! You have made so much progress, and it shows, girl! I will be around to see your move - to NYC and to the 200's. And beyond. Thank you for your inspiration and honesty. You are definitely on the right track!

  4. Nanette, I just started following your blog but I have read your past posts and you are so inspiring! Awesome job in getting closer to your goal. That takes tough work and you are doing it, girl! Like the others, I'm here with you for all the support you need!

  5. I am so happy for you. You have worked hard to get to know yourself and determine what you really want to be for the rest of your life. These lifestyle changes are becoming habits and will take you all the way to your goal. Don't look at how long it's going to take - concentrate on making each day a successful step toward that day when you will tell us about reaching your goal weight.

  6. Let's have a bloggy party when you hit TwoTown! Confetti all around.

    Thanks for working hard and NOT quitting. I know you'll keep making progress! Get a new progress top/bottom set, something really snug you can get "loose" into with progress.

    On we go!

  7. I am so very proud of you Nanette. So very, very proud. You have done so amazing and it shows. You will meet your goal for NY and beyone. I know that you will, I have faith in you. I don't plan on going anywhere's either. I find you so inspiring I'll be here to keep learning from you and cheering you on.
    Take care Nanette. Enjoy your new body. Blessings.

  8. Well done!! It's so rewarding to see the effort paying off :) Keep it up!!

  9. I think you have done a FANTASTIC job! The pictures show a great difference, your hard work is paying off!!

  10. I'm so cheering you on!! You can do it!! You are an inspiration to me and I really don't want you to get discouraged if you don't lose as quickly as you think you should. You WILL do it and if you need help we are there for you!
    P.S. I can really see the difference in your pictures. You rock girl!!

  11. You will definitely make that goal! You are looking good and feeling good so there is no way you won't make good on that for yourself:-) Wasn't it an awesome feeling when you first realized that you could pull down those shorts without unbuttoning & unzipping them first? I loved that feeling when I realized I could do it with my 24s, then 22's.... still working on saying a final goodbye on the 20's and then it's really setting out to find some size 18's I like (still haven't been able to since I hate those low waist jeans!). I'll be seeing ya during RFSC and encouraging you on that NYC goal!!


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