Friday, April 27, 2012

Life Goes On...

I went out with Trent, my bestie, last night to celebrate. The plan was a dessert and a fancy drink.

What actually happened was salmon, zucchini, broccoli and a scoop of ice cream with hot fudge (not on the menu, but smaller portioned and no wheat)! Dangerous going for ice cream. I've been kinda crazy with my eating lately and I don't want to trigger anything. However, ice cream... not the biggest trigger. I'm not craving sweets. I'm not craving carbs. I'm still cheese driven. Which means that it needs to go. This last week has been days of just cheese and meat, very few veggies.

So let's assess this situation... this life goes on after graduation situation...

- I'm not eating enough veggies.
- I don't like cooking much anymore.
- It's warm enough for salads again.
- I still need lots of protein because my workouts are DEMANDING.
- I'm running, HIIT-ing, Insanity-ing.

Incorporate more of the following.

- veggies (FRESH).
- fruits (FRESH).
- Protein (FRESH).
- Foods from the pantry (use it up or throw it out).

Eat less of the following.

- Sunflower seeds.
- Cheeses (I exclude cottage cheese bc of it's protein content).
- Dark Chocolate.

I weighed in this morning... I'm down 3 lbs from yesterday. I'm HOPING I can keep that loss and build on it before Sunday. I feel like the weight finally went down because my stress has let go and I slept like a dead person. Certainly, my calories were high yesterday. So was my activity.

I also need to recommit to being accurate and consistent on MFP. Getting back on the gung-ho, no distractions, weight loss program. I feel like the past month hasn't been a waste or anything. I've done well to maintain while doing this piano stuff... I've even lost! I have weeks of that ahead of me. I wanna lose -12 more lbs before I go to NYC. I can do it!

Big Fat Here's the Plan Love,


  1. Great job with the 3 lb loss and evaluating what you need! Knowing what triggers you is smart :). I do the same thing. My triggers are definitely more carb based.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Wohoo! WTG on 3lbs :) And you are doing so well assessing the situation and anticipating what will not work!

  3. Great loss, Nanette. I hear you on the cheese thing. It could be worse though. It could be the cookie craze I was on for weeks. The weight added rapidly while that was going on. Hopefully, I am back under control. It has been a good day so far. I wish you a happy weekend.

  4. Great job on the 3 lb drop! I was going to make my own list of things I need to do -- but you seem to have already done it for me :) I'm definitely on the same page as you in terms of setting a plan in motion. Well actually, the plan is there, now I just need the motion!

  5. Kudos on the 3 lbs lost here and I'm still working on getting back in the swing of things, it can be so difficult!


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