Sunday, April 1, 2012


This week...    dum-da-da-dum!

Weight:  313 (-0) 

Waist: 47" (same) 

Water: 4/7 
Workout: 4/5 (It'd be 5/5 but yesterday was more of an active rest day than a work out). 
Monday - HIIT
Tuesday - HIIT
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - HIIT
Friday - Hike with Holly. 
Saturday - Small rep work out at home
                      bicep curls, resistance band arm work outs, squats, competition situps. 

Book: I'm reading Life is Hard, Food is Easy (same lady who did 100 days of dieting). It's where I got the rules before eating idea from earlier in the week. 

Partner: I haven't seen a post from Eaba this week. But I did shoot her an email and asked if she'd be posting her update. If she doesn't by 2pm, I'll be posting a place holder for her. 

Monday - 1400
Tuesday - 1418
Wednesday - 1667
Thursday - 1480
Friday - 1380
Saturday - 1393

- Work out with Trainer 3x
- Work out on my own 2x. 
- Box up the book shelf. 
- Return library books and borrowed books. 
- Work out days = 1700 calories (not under, but AT 1700). 
- Non work out days = 1300 calories (not under, but AT). - Post one new video.

This week started out so rough with the food stuff because I tried to do the no dairy for a week mini challenge for myself. I made it up until Wednesday... Here's what I noticed about myself. I am a cheese addict. When I can't eat the cheese that I want to, I try to fill up with carbs. If I could replace cheese with veg, I would be more successful. But that's not how it happened. 

My body doesn't like high carb. I puffed up until Thursday when I went back off grains and starches. I tried to drink my water and stuff earlier in the week, but it's hard to convince myself to drink when I'm feeling like a Macy's Day Parade balloon. However, It improved as the week went on (the drink 3 8oz glasses of water before eating thing helped out a LOT). When I stopped eating the carbs (and gave in to some cheese cravings) I saw the scale go down!!! Now, I know better than to say it's cheese that CAUSED it... but if cheese is my mini crutch for now. I'm okay with that. It's high in protein. And I don't think there's anything wrong with eating fats as it's an efficient body fuel source. I keep a close eye on the sodium. And it's not like I sit down and eat a BLOCK of cheese in one sitting. It's more like I eat a couple things of string cheese, or a cup of cottage cheese after a work out (SO MUCH PROTEIN). That protein is so filling. 

I'm glad I could get back down to the 313. But I feel like I'm constantly fighting the same numbers on the scale. 

So here's the game plan for this week... 

  • I have planned a menu. 
  • I have grocery shopped. 
  • There are many different types of fresh veg in my house! 
  • I have washed all the dishes in my house including all of my waterbottles so there is no reason to not have one with me. 
  • I have borrowed an idea from a fellow blogger to make a work out schedule for an entire month. 
  • I will be working out six days this week, sometimes twice a day with one rest day midweek. 
  • I will switch up my work outs by getting 2 more cardio sessions in a week (walk/jogs) in addition to the HIIT. 
  • Trainer and I have talked about upping the ante this week. We are switching up the types of HIIT we're doing. 

Big Fat Last Week Love, 

P.s. And I will pass one off one more piano test (black key harmonic minors). 


  1. I love your enthusiasm! It's infectious. Here's to a great week - cheers!! (clinking your WATER bottle)

  2. Lots of folks do beautifully on higher carb, cause they're not insulin resistant or have PCOS or diabetes, etc. Those folks are usually very active or just wired for carbs or naturally lean.

    I was severely insulin resistant and on my way to diabetes-land. My skin was chacoal grey in areas from the I.R. I had to cut carbs/starches. Not radically low, but pretty much lower carb style. It made a huge difference in my sugar readings and my skin. I have nearly normal coloration in those places that were, literally, turning dark as a midnight sky!

    When I try to up the starches/carbs beyond a certain point, my cravings get out of hand. When I cut back, my appetite calms down and its easier to say no to temptations. Easier, but I still have to focus some, ya know? Appetite calm, I call it. When I can eat like a normal person, not a bingey food addict.

    So, for me, and I suspect other I.R. folks (Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, etc)...lowering carbs is very, very helpful in this weight loss and health thing.

    And I'm a cheese-head. For sure. One thing I refuse to give up. I even told the dietitian when she cut me down to ONE serving in Jan of 2011...I went back to a subsequent appt and said, "Not working. I need more cheese." I got up to two servings a day and was MUCH happier. :D

    So, I can't really be all out Paleo/primal for that alone. I can give up gluten. I acn give up sugar. i can't give up CHEESE.

    1. i hear ya... I like a lot of the paelo thing. But I couldn't give up cheese. The rest of the dairy? No problem. Just not cheese. :) This past month (month of more consistent loss) I've nearly eliminated grains. Then when I have them, I crash hard. It's easier to just not have them.

  3. I'm not sure what kind of cottage cheese you're eating but I do know that low fat is a better choice than non fat. Non fat has a lot more sodium and the calorie/fat difference is negligible.

    1. yeah! I'm all about the 2%. It's that nice middle ground with the fats, proteins and sodium. I'm super wary of anything labelled "fat free" etc... because the flavor has to come from somewhere. It's usually sodium through the roof.

  4. I also could never give up cheese. The only way I can eat some veggies is if there is a little cheese melted on it, like broccoli and cauliflower. It looks like everything is planned out and you're ready to rock this week. Good luck!

  5. You make me feel better. Seriously. I feel like your posts give me an energy boost!

  6. Nanette, It looks like you have been busy this week. I'm glad things are on the upswing. It isn't all just about having a loss. It is about the effort and you are doing great in that area. Hang in there. One more week and I wish the best for both of us.

  7. I definitely eat cheese quite often just to get some more protein and quite often more fat in my day.
    Planning is definitely what helps to make a good week for me.
    I know that the fighting to get to where you want to be can be very tiring it definitely will make you smile when it pay off!!!

  8. Cheese is something that's not high on my list however I don't thin I could give up milk. I did for the first time buy Almond Milk to give it a try. The unsweetened kind.
    You keep up the great work Nanette. You are amazing and have done so well. The scale will follow, it will. Remember the pictures you've come a long ways.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  9. I eat about 4 ounces of cheese a day and it doesn't affect my weight loss. I'm like you, the more grains and starches I eat the more bloated and miserable I am. It seems to make my cravings through the roof as well.
    Cheese is the only dairy I consume considering I'm sensitive to most other dairy ... but I won't give it up.

  10. You are an inspiration on the exercise front and attitude cause you keep going and keep planning. Ok, I guess I keep going but I wish I was more of a planner like you seem to be. I have all these thoughts of planning but it's kind of an erratic follow through process that happens after that. Here's to hoping this last week finishes out well for ya!


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