Monday, April 2, 2012

Ready For Summer Challenge Update

Goals in review... 

Weight: 313 (-0) Though the goal was to lose -2.

Non-scale victory: Tried on all my clothing and tossed/donated the stuff that doesn't fit. I stretched every day but two. But I still can't touch my toes while sitting with my legs stretched out in front of me. Gotta keep trying.

Work out:
I did very well! I did all my exercises as planned and even got a run in yesterday. I posted about it here and on facebook. And I found a couple Friday running buddies... which will totally make me accountable for the rest of the semester! :) I'm kind of excited.

Nutrition: Dairy free week... I made it about 4 days. And it was 4 days of steady weight gain.

Weekly Mini-Challenge: I made an omelette with tomatillos. They look like tomatoes but they are green and are protected by a papery husk. The skin is kinda tacky/sticky so they need to be washed. I cut it open expecting the same texture as a tomato... but it's less gooey and slimy. It has tiny seeds (edible) and after it was sauteed in a touch of oil along with onions, tomatoes and broccoli, it added a bit of zing. Tart, citrus tasting almost. Like lemon or lime, but a different flavor. I ate some raw and I didn't like it at all, but cooking it a bit sweetened things up.

This week...
Weight: -3! Gotta catch up! 

NSV: See a .5" waist measurement difference. Massage highly cottage cheese areas to increase circulation and reduce cellulite and stretch marks. 

Fitness: Follow your weekly plan... You can see it HERE for this week. 

Nutrition: I will take my multi every day... in addition to vitamin E (for my skin). I will follow my weekly menu. I will also use my vitamin E stick on some stretch marks to see if it helps. (If you can't tell my skin is bothering me a little as of late). 

Mini Challenge:
Do a work out you don't normally do! PERFECT TIMING!!!   I'm starting interval running this week. I've got a two new Friday running buddies! 

Let's DO THIS! 

Big Fat Run For Your Life Love, 


  1. So excited up hear about your running and looking forward to your updates.

  2. Cool! It's fun to have people to workout with. I love me some tomatillos. They are related to gooseberries!

  3. 55 pounds! You'll get to goal!

  4. Tomatillos? NEver heard of it!

  5. Dairy free week... I made it about 4 days. And it was 4 days of steady weight gain.
    I'm curious, what did you replace your dairy with? Might that have had something to do with the steady weight gain? Dairy has protein so if you replaced it with carbs, it might explain why you saw gain instead of loss. Just a thought. :)

    Enjoy the running. Having friends join you makes it easier to get moving for sure.

  6. It's great that you have workout buddies - it can make quite a difference :)
    Good luck with week 2!

  7. I love tomatillos....yum! good luck with the running this week, I'm getting into c25k so I'll be right there with you :)

  8. Awesome job on week one! You got the motivation and right attitude to KILL week 2!


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