Saturday, April 21, 2012

Distraction And a Plan of Action

I'm having such a problem with distraction as of late. I know that my brain is going in 15 directions. We've addressed that. But I've gone from "Make graduation a priority" to "Make graduation the only priority." My blogs have been lame and not very thoughtful because I'm not in the game right now.

That diet and exercise apathy is creeping in. I went out to eat twice this week. That's unacceptable for two reasons. One. Money. Two. FAT. The apathy doesn't keep me from weighing in every morning and night. So the apathy still digs at me in a negative way. I need a flame under my ass right now and it's just not happening.

I waver, in that my brain isn't engaged to make work outs better, To make the most of my spare time by burning some calories or prepping healthy foods. My menu is out the window. I have not been eating well. Under calories, but not well. Like yesterday... I pretty much ate string cheese and oranges. Under calories. BUT NOT HEALTHY.

I got a mile walk in yesterday. Which isn't much. I got one set of my mini work outs in then napped the rest of the afternoon away. I want to dismiss all of this and say it's related to the whole period thing. But here's the thing, Nanette. If it's related to this thing that happens ONCE A MONTH, you'd better get your shit together. It's not going away. Find a way to deal with it in a productive, grown up, way instead of this  dismissive, eat what you want, disappear, lazy way!

This kind of behavior freaks me out. I need to be ultra vigilant about keeping myself working out and finding that inner motivation. I'm going to NY and I won't have my trainer. I won't have a gym. I won't have a familiar area to run. I need consistency. I need commitment. I need positive portable habits.

That's kinda what I'm gnawing on today. I need to commit to better choices today. I need to take action today. I know that I have a problem. I've recognized it. The next step is action. I can do that.  I WILL DO THAT.

Today's plan of action. 
- eat the broccoli in the fridge before it goes off.
- eat a salad. Make it fancy if you have to. MORE VEGGIES.
- drink some water.
- STRETCH for tomorrow you run.
- leave the apartment.

I will not give in to eating whatever is easy. I will not give in to dicking around on the internet for hours instead of living a real life away from the computer. I will not give in to that "do it tomorrow" bull that's roaming around my brain.

I choose to live healthy and I choose to live healthy RIGHT NOW. f



  1. Good luck with everything you are juggling right now!

  2. You have many things on your plate and the big move is probably on your mind a lot. I know you can focus, you just have to set your mind on it. Don't give in to those distractions, you are strong!!
    I think you and me both need Mir to kick start that challenge of hers and for her to kick us into gear.LOL

  3. Just imagine we're in The Hunger Games and one of us in the RFSC has to be killed off next week. You can do better! You have to!!

    New week starting. Clean slate. DO IT!

  4. You have proved over and over you can focus and commit to your weight loss. You CAN do it.

  5. Maybe your body is telling you to take a break. You've been really, powerfully pushing yourself hard, hard, hard. Sometimes it works to have a down day or two to rejuvenate.

  6. I remember once when I was checked into a nut house (ok, it was like a locked up country club but "nut house" is so much more evocative) they did this assessment on me and they asked me if I'd had any big changes in the last year - i.e. house move, change of job, divorce, etc. Apparently those are the big stressors that land some of us gentle folk in the nut house.

    It seems to me that ending a relationship, dieting, finishing your degree, moving states, getting a job, implementing a new and challenging exercise routine - well, you are doing DAMN WELL. Days of eating oranges and cheese, dorking around on the puter, not being laser sharp, well, I see that as being normal, a kind of decompression of sorts.

    I dunno maybe you see it differently but I know if I had all those happenings going on at once, I'd find my way back to the nut house... ;-)

    Balance in all things, you are a go getter but everyone needs a bit of decompression and solitude and slack. It's good for our mental health. Keep plowing away you are doing great.

  7. I've been in a funk myself with eating & such, this week is my week to get back to it. Day 2 and so far so good... reading up on some blogs today should help me make it through I think:-)


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