Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Determined... to lose my pants.

This is what I think when I have to modify 
Welcome to day 2 of the death by work out week!!!

Yesterday I got in my warm up in the morning and then ran to my first office job. I stayed on menu 95%!
(Dark chocolate at work). But my second job... I usually work 5-10. I got off at 9:15!!! We get to go home early if the classes we work get done early (distance learning/class broadcasts). I walked home. Dropped by purse by the door. Plugged my ipod into the speakers. Got rid of the jeans and hit my yoga mat. 15 minutes later I was panting and sweaty on the mat and thinking "you know what? I'd STILL be at work right now!"

But the thing is... This morning, I could have done it again. I can push my body to do 2 work outs a day. I'm more sore when I sit at my desk for 5 hours than when I move around.


I consider that the non-scale victory for yesterday.

Today is great... I woke up 3 minutes before my alarm. Had a bit of yogurt. Walked up the hill to the University Gym. 50 minutes of aquacise arms... (think resistance bands and swim jogging in the deep end). Trainer and I went to her house and we got a full 32 minutes of HIIT. I modified some of it, but I did NOT GIVE UP or FAKE anything. I will not be like those whiners on "Heavy" (that A&E show I watched earlier this week).

I can tell already that it's going to be really tough for the rest of the week to keep moving and not giving into the soreness. Tomorrow is HIIT again... we're doing a workout from the Ripped program. And I've promised an afternoon interval run to my friend. I can do anything. I will not complain. I will bust my ass. I will lose some FREAKING WEIGHT this week. Or some inches. I'd settle for either, really.

Today's non-scale victory...

We were jogging in place for 50 seconds... Jogging with high knees and before I knew it, my pants were around my thighs. Knees up! Abs in! Asses out? My elastic, stretchy, yoga capris...   the kind that are supposed to hug you... Guess it's time to give them up. Down to the next size!

Big Fat Pants Yourself Love,


  1. Welcome to the smaller size! That is always a great NSV. I loved going down sizes when I was losing. It is even more concrete evidence of change than the numbers on the scale. Good for you!

  2. You are doing an amazing job, this is it, keep going!!

  3. Wohoo! What a way to find out you moved down pant sizes! And your workouts? AWESOME! Every time I read your blog, I feel so motivated to go kick up a storm. Can I please have some of your awesomeness?! I need to start using words other than awesome. Have a lovely day!

  4. I remember the exhiliration (good ) and expense (bad) when I was dropping down to a new size every 6 to 8 Enjoy this part..the quick drops. :D

    Remember that to build muscle, you need rest days. It's not a bad idea to throw in less high-stress workouts between the tough ones to allow healing . If you injure youself, that would be BAD. :D


  5. Congratulations on the pants feeling looser! You are doing amazing :) Great job with all the exercise!

  6. Nanette, that was awesome!! You sound like you absolutely killed it today!

    And I HATED most of the people on Heavy too! Such whiners!! ;)

  7. Love that you lost your pants!!

  8. Omg, you are an exercise machine!!!!!!!

    And yay for dropping pants!! Good problem to have :)

  9. Always keep the adrenaline that you get from working out in mind -- it may be tough to start, but it feels so good and rewarding once it is done!! :) Doing HIIT is great - I haven't done an HIIT program in a while, perhaps it's time I get back into that too!
    Awesome work! Keep it up through the week!! :)


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