Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Internet Diet...

Sooooo....   I'm spending too much time online these days. Between facebook, myfitnesspal, blogger, multiple gmail accounts, netflix, okcupid and the ever time consuming tumblr... I need a break. I need to force myself away from the screens in my life. All that stuff is also getting in the way of things like... logging my food every day and making sure I write meaningful posts and have time to think about weight loss and fitness.

The plan...  

  • One blog post a day.
  • Read through fat blogs.
  • Update all food at the end of the day (keep a notebook for the day).
  • Check email after logging food.
  • And that's IT.

It means I probably won't be able to support as much. But I have got to keep my head in real life right now. There is so much to get done.

I printed off a bunch of fitsperation stuff last night. I'll be able to post them around my house as a reminder instead of thinking "oh, I'll spend some time online and look that up." And then waste 2-3 hours of my day in front of these glowing screens of doom.


Trainer is lending me a foam roller. Best thing in my life right now. It feels so good to roll out all that tension. Apparently, it's supposed to help with cellulite and stuff too. Great. But I really care about getting those running muscles all worked out.

NSV for today...
Swim class final. We did a midterm fit test and then we did the fit test again today. I beat every single score by about 10 more reps in one case, 30 more. It was awesome. I wish I would have been able to keep my paper with the scores so I could share them. It was a lot of shoulder, bicep, pull ups, tricep, water jacks....   that kind of stuff with exercise bands.

Big Fat Internet Diet Love,


  1. I will miss you, but your plate is definitely full right now. I will still be reading.

  2. I'm in the same boat. I can spend hours a day on my phone checking facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, playing games etc. But the thought of tracking my food on a tracker app bores me.
    Ahh ... what would life be like without the technologic advances? I'd probably be more active : /

  3. I think you got your priorities straight. Concentrate on you now. We'll be here to support!

  4. I had to do the same thing. Finals are coming up fast for me.

  5. Keep your priorities straight and focus on YOU and what will help you reach your goals. YOU are the most important thing in your life.

    Did you decide to leave the Allan Challenge:?

  6. Isn't it fun to do the follow up tests! We have evaluations each Thursday for Boot camp classes, and it's fun to see how much more strength I have, how many more pushups I can do, how much longer I can hold a plank, how many more stance jacks I can do...motivation even when the scale moves soooo slowly. I forgot to ask where you're at on your C25k? What week are you on?

  7. P.S...YOU'RE SO CLOSE TO GETTING BELOW 300! I'm so freaking proud of you! Trust me, getting to 299 is the most amazing feeling ever. So proud sista from another mista!

  8. With you being on the verge of the most awesome life change, you definitely need to focus on offline stuff!

    Way to go on the swim class accomplishments. It's one thing to feel as though you have improved, but it's another to actually see the numbers.

    I hope though, in the midst of your busyness you might have a bit of time to chat this week or next. If not, I must tell you now, I owe you a HUGE thank you! Thanks to you, I tried Zuzana's latest workout (14) and actually did it! Granted, there were modifications (uh, so not ready to do a jumping burpee), but I got through it. It wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for you. Thank you! Let me know how you're doing!

  9. I had to step away from the glowing screen of doom for couple of days and now I'm craving it. I realize that so much of my motivation is from reading weight loss blogs, but it's just going to be another thing I have to find a balance with.

    I love foam rollers! I don't have one at home, but at the gym I grasp onto it with Charles Heston's death grip. We only have two of them (wtf?).

  10. Way to go on your swim test. I use a wooden rolling pin to massage my muscles, I got it for like two dollars at a thrift store.

  11. I need to get away from the computer more myself. I backed out of the summer challenge for that reason but I still wanted to pop in and read some blogs for inspiration. I still want to post a few myself to keep me on track. I just can't support like I feel I should to be in a challenge so I too have had to step away some. The roller idea has me curious, I'll have to look into that because I've been having some muscle issues in my legs from all the walking & trying to run and I can't let that be taken away from me!

  12. Oooo, a very good plan indeed. Hope it goes well. When I was reading, I thought, hmmmm tumblr? Whasss that??? Then I had a sane thought: NOOOOOOOOO don't do it. I momentarily joined pinterest then realised that it is a time sucking black hole of a thing and promptly unjoined. I need my fat blogs so I'll stick with them and I intentionally only have a few friends (mostly family) on facebook and none of them ever post so that solves that potential problem.

    However, I still spend too much time surfing useless websites reading rubbish.

    Good luck with it all!


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