Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Find of the Week!

I'm kind of in love with Ben Greenfield Fitness right now. It is a wealth of information about all things fitness and nutrition. There are podcasts you can subscribe to. You can read transcripts instead. You can submit questions. He talks about things like how to start running, or how to deal with excess skin after a rapid weight loss or what to eat before/after/during workouts. He's a tri-athlete and trainer and really knowledgeable.

My brain has calmed down. I am feeling a lot less frenetic. Yesterday I hit the practice room and it was okay. The scales aren't coming together like I would like them to. AKA, quickly enough. But I still feel like progress is being made. I need a miracle to get them down by Thursday. 

I didn't do my work out yesterday. I'm kinda only half-bummed since I was still pretty sore from the running. But I got both of my work outs in today. AND!!!   I was able to do the bunny hop without modifying. AND!!! My push up form has gotten better since I took a little break from them. I feel like a champion. 

Food is going pretty well. No big slip-ups. 


B: Banana
S: Cottage cheese (post work out, yay protein!) 
L: Baby carrots + sliced turkey. 
S: Protein bar
D: Salad + chicken breast. 
S: Cottage Cheese (I really like cottage cheese, okay? heh.)

Work out
Swim class - core/leg/cardio intensive. 
ZWOW #13


  1. Thank you for sharing Ben Greenfield Fitness site! It's exactly what I needed :) I've got some learning to do!
    And yeah for bunny hops & push ups <----It will only get better!

  2. What an awesome site!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yay for ZWOW!! :D

    Thanks for the site as well - amazing resource!

  4. oh my I guess no pain no gain if Zuzanna is struggling after so long. Sort of a compassionate trainer who hurts with you. Great video and website.

  5. Er, I ain't got nothing to say about the fitness site, my sorry arse is far too lazy for that right now.

    But I just had to say I LOVE COTTAGE CHEESE TOO!!! When I was maintaing my weight at 140 I had it nearly every day for lunch. And there is a specialty posh brand of gourmet cottage cheese on sale here in London and OMG it totally blew the regular cottage cheese out of the stratosphere. I know you tried to cut it out before but I think it's healthy and I had it daily for many years because I loved it so much. Enjoy!!!

    I have even thought of dabbling in making my own cottage cheese just to see if I could top the gourmet brand in flavour and texture but that whole laziness thing seems to always be a problem because I have to get myself out of bed to make cottage cheese...ahem.

    1. drool... gourmet cottage cheese.

      That fitness site... If you're an itunes subscriber, they have a podcast you can automatically download. Then you don't have to visit anything, just listen. :)

  6. Nanette! OMG! I just approved, and replied, to the comment you left on my blog not realizing it was you! Ever since I found your blog a couple of weeks ago, I have been back several times and have loved reading your posts! OMG! As crazy as this sounds, it was such an honor for you to have visited my blog.

    Right now, I weight a bit less than you were at your "starting" weight. I'm about 45lbs heavier than you are right now and I'm quite a bit older. However, when I read about how you are pushing your body and challenging yourself, I'm inspired to let go of the fear I have and to try the same thing. I never, in a million years, would have considered doing a ZWOW workout until I was in the 100's. Reading about you doing, gets me excited to see what I'm capable of.

    Not to go on and on about myself... My point is that I really, really appreciate you sharing your experiences and your workouts on your blog. You are awesome.

    1. Heh! Flattering. Really... I'm glad that I can be of some inspiration.

      At my starting weight, I was really concerned for my joints so I started with swimming and low impact cardio like biking. But the ZWOW stuff is really how I've started dropping pounds and inches. If you're doing it. MODIFY. Particularly at my weight, I know it's not good for my knees and ankles to jump a lot (plus my fat makes this slappy sound that I just can't get over).

      But really, our bodies are capable of so much. If we don't try new things, we're missing out on those discoveries. I can finally do downward facing dog without wanting to die. I can run in short spurts (I may survive in a slasher film now). I took a dance class... while that's not super amazing, it IS super amazing. I wore spandex in front of people and jumped around. THAT is overcoming fear! Ha!

      I'm glad you want to challenge yourself. I hope that your want to challenge yourself is realized and that you don't give up!

    2. The website you mentioned sounds great! I am clueless and searching for info along the way, so this sounds perfect. I hope today remains slow at work so I can really check it out. Thanks!!

  7. I'll have to check out that site cause lord knows I got some excess skin happening:-( Thanks for sharing it, good to see better spirits here:-)


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