Friday, April 20, 2012

Living For The Weekend!

I have been so anticipatory of this weekend! Not like I have extraordinary plans, I just like that feeling of not having to be anywhere or do anything. I can stay in work out clothes all day and do mini work outs on the hour while watching british TV shows, get my laundry done, or wash dishes, make my apartment presentable and feel like a grown up. 

With the weigh ins this week I've been more up than down. But my eating hasn't been super crazy. I'm eating more veggies every day! My work outs have been challenging (I've been sore every day), though I've only done 4 instead of 6 - with no trainer or swim class on thursday. What I'm looking at right now is about +2lbs. I'll be back down by Sunday's weigh in... I'm getting kind of used to this roller coaster. No more panic about seeing the scale go up before going down. 

I've been the world's worst challenger as of late with the Allan challenge... Not enough water. Eating about 1500 -1700 calories a day. Mentally I'm not in the game. I'm still in piano land. I'm happy that I haven't ballooned up or anything or forgotten to keep my food and exercise in check.

After this upcoming thursday, hopefully I can do another week of two-a-day work outs and play "catch up." 

Today, to indulge my health and body, I am going to... 
- Spend time in the hot springs. 
- drink 160oz of water 
- Do 5 sets of "mini" work outs. 

Mini work out 
10 pushups 
15 squat to tip-toes. 
10 bicep curls
walk around the block. 

Big Fat Weekend Love, 


  1. I love that feeling feeling of freedom that weekends bring too! Enjoy it!

  2. Keep moving forward. Looking at your loss, you have come a long way since last may.

  3. Love the mini workouts and enjoy your weekend :)

  4. What British TV shows are you watching? I wanna know :)

    1. I'm ridiculously addicted to QI and Nevermind the Buzzcocks - particularly love Simon Amstel.

  5. The hot springs sound amazing.... I'm chilly right now that may be why:-)


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