Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good News and a Giant Vat of Irony

I put together a vlog, but for the life of me it's taking a bajillion hours to upload. So here we go...

Friday was absolutely awesome and weird. I went out on my run. It had been an entire week since I'd been out there running. It was WAY harder than I'd imagined it would be to pick up where I left off. The interval running program I had bumped me up to the next level of runs. I'm still pretty much a sissy when it comes to the running. I was feeling so good about it over a week ago! So... if you're reading this. Don't quit your routine if you're building up to something!

I made it to the butcher in town and got some fresh, local chicken, sliced turkey breast and beef jerky. When I got home, I checked my email and I had gotten an online interview! I replied to their questionnaire and reminded them I wouldn't be available for work until June. I'm guessing that I may not get the job. But it's okay. It's reignited my hope that I can get a job pretty quickly when I get there. I sent out my resume on Wednesday.

I went to sushi with Trainer and her family. I was so excited... I may have splurged a little in celebration and got some of the more expensive rolls. (yes, this is where I hear mom in my head saying "you haven't gotten the job YET.")

Later, I went to Into the Woods with my friend Camile. It was our university production. There are a lot of my friends in the show. I haven't been the most supportive of the music stuff as of late since I'm a little bitter and sensitive about the music thing still. Camile and I found our seats... a mere 4 seats away from my ex. I had a brain meltdown. He was directly in my line of vision for the whole show... We were sitting near and aisle (he was on the other side of the aisle a row down). So every time there was an entrance from the aisles I was directly in his line of vision. It was so distracting. He was there with his girlfriend. The one he cheated on with me. (I didn't know).

During intermission, Ex came up to me. "Hey, how're you doing?" Girlfriend had gone to the bathroom and he was being all sleazy within moments. I told him how great everything is. New York. Sublet found. Job interviews. Getting out and starting over. Graduation. I do that... in awkward situations, I talk more. So why not blast him away with great news. He's doing well. Busy with his lawyering. I know he expected me to get up and give him a hug, but I wouldn't. It was my silent rebellion. So I gave him my hand to shake and then leave... He took my hand... then did that weird, turn-it-sideways-and-kiss-it thing. "Don't be a stranger. Keep in touch when you leave." UGH. Sometimes I make terrible decisions.

Then the second act starts and there's this whole tryst in the woods between the baker's wife and one of the princes. "Just a moment. Just a moment in the woods!" I was just stewing in my own irony at that point. Lawyer Guy made it a point to walk past my seat when the show was over and he was leaving... Girlfriend walking in front, he climbs the stairs by the seats and puts a hand on my shoulder, "bye."

Big Fat Awkward Friday Love,


  1. I love your determination! Keep running - endurance comes back quickly too!

  2. I think you made a wise decision, from the sound of it (meaning the ex). You are doing so good. Glad you got to go out and enjoy some good sushi.
    Have a good week Nanette!

  3. that story is classic. what a suave devil (eyeroll)...also, i really like the 'shh' picture- your face is getting all kinds of slim! hope you have a kick-ass week.

  4. Running. That's something that I'd like to do. I've tried intervel running and it was pretty good. I'm just slack getting committed with it. You go for it!

  5. The ex sounds like a douche. ;)

    1. Wait til you're my age, young one. You'll most likely have amassed a half dozen!

  6. New York, just like I pictured it. Skyscrapers and everythin! -(talking intro to the album version of "Just Enough For The City" by Stevie Wonder)

    If you ever hear that song on the radio, you never hear the talking intro. Don't know why. Of course, I remember it from vinyl...back in the day. Great song.

    New York sounds exciting.

  7. Ugh, he sounds really slimy...poor girlfriend. ;)

  8. Eeeewwwww. Wanker. Sorry I can't help it.

    You make me laugh about talking when nervous. I just shut down when I'm nervous and forget that I am actually able to talk which is probably worse than if I talked too much.

    We'd be a great nervous pair together - I'd let you do all the talking, lol.

    Onward to greener pastures and better menfolk.

    (Yes, yes I did just say "menfolk".)

  9. Wow, he sounds like a douche.....

    Great job on the running!

  10. Guys are strange but you sound better off. Great job on the running, I've been trying to get back into it and you are so right... it's definintely not so easy to just pick up where you left off!


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