Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Means More From A Stranger...

Back in the fatter days... I used to go and get baclava every Friday with my friends. There is a little Persian store next to the music building. In that store is a round and feisty lady named Arianna. She has big round hips and a wide bosom along with long, straight, black hair and darkly crayoned eyebrows. She knows each of us by name: Ethan, Joey and me.

She will tell us what's new at her store and walk us past a lot of different glass bottles, but knows that we're really only going to buy the baclava. She makes pans and pans of it at home. People come to that store mainly for this sticky, flaky treat.

Well, it also happens to be where I purchase peppermint water (I add it to my water bottles when plain water is too boring). I walked in there today after about a six month absence. And she walked up to me "Where are your friends? You haven't been here in such a long time! Look at you... did you get sick?"

"Oh, no... I'm good. I've just been busy and away for a little while."

"No. You must have been sick."

"Arianna, I wasn't sick, I just stopped eating your Baclava!"

"Is my baclava bad?"

"No... it's TOO good!"

We laughed and she tried to sell me flat bread, hummus, goat cheese and feta. I wound up buying my peppermint water. I walked out into the sunshine. Happy. Purchase in hand and compliment in head.

I'm sporting a tube dress thingy today. It's too sunny to not be getting some of that on my big white... WHITE arms. I packed a cardigan in case I got insecure... but realized it was silly to even take it with me. What would make me feel insecure? I'm not going to work, where they can actually dictate what I wear. I'm not showing any inappropriate booty or boobs, so there's nothing offensive happening here... I'm a college student, walking to campus to practice the piano in my sundress and that's the long and short of it! :)

I got another piano session in. I MIGHT be ready for tomorrow. But I just need to wake up early and warm up before the actual test. I'm slightly nervous because I'm much less prepared this time. But I will pass. I have to pass.

Big Fat Summer Day Love,


  1. That's such a pretty dress!! It looks great on you. :D

  2. You look great in that dress... Enjoy the sunshine!

  3. That was a great NSV! Someone asked me that, too, after I had lost about 25 lbs. "You haven't been sick, have you?" It was a nice compliment, but...he didn't know me well enough to ask if I had been sick. Ya know?

    You do look great in that dress. You're right to not put the cardigan on!

  4. I love baklava! That dress is so pretty on you :)

  5. Lovely dress! You look fab and how great to get such a compliment!

    Baklava is the enemy, stay away from the backlava, far far away.

    I ordered some in our Christmas grocery order and instead of the 500 grams that I'd ordered they sent a KILOGRAM of the stuff. That's 2.2 pounds. I'm sure my eating of it did not contribute to the further 30 pounds that I gained over Christmas, no I'm sure it didn't.

    Now I am curious about the peppermint water. I may have a look around an Iranian shop that we pass by on the weekends when we go to the park. I will see if they have any.

  6. Been thinking about you and your piano!!! Hope it went well.
    And Baklava... sigh! Haven't had any in years, but I have fond memories!

  7. That's really cool! Here in upstate NY it's 40-ish degrees. Enjoy the sunshine! The cool thing about staying away from the baclava is that when you have it again, you'll be satisfied with much less. It's SO rich! Aside from a ton of sugar, I don't think baclava is all that bad, honey, nuts, phyllo - what else. I think it's an excellent - very occasional - treat.

  8. that's great!!! mmmmm baklava... the devil's candy :-) good for you leaving your cardi at home!! despite my chunk i exercise my right to bare arms (hahaha...i SLAY me...)

  9. Love the dress. You look much more comfortable in your own skin. You're just a gem here in the blogworld too. Arms? I can't even bring myself to not wear a shrug or something, I HATE them. Ugh. You rock.

  10. In my BBW (big beautiful woman) entourage, they all sport sleeveless. Some sport big upper arm tattoos. I am going public swimming tomorrow all white n big. I am bringing an overshirt and will think of all you bbw sleeveless divas!

  11. My best friend and her mom are from Turkey and her mom makes the best baklava! It's awesome and so bad for me cause I could just eat it all! There is something about a lot of those countries also where they just guilt you into eating.... or maybe that's just me, I have guilt issues... LOL! Cute dress, I have a hard time wearing dresses cause I feel like they make me look fatter. It's weird cause I think others look great in them, like you, but then I try & nope... I feel like it's a moo-moo or something. It's weird how our view of ourselves can be so warped isn't it? I hope you rocked that dress:-)


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