Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Night...

I got a session of piano practice in this afternoon. My scales are getting a little better. I MIGHT have them up to tempo by Thursday. I need to put another hour in tomorrow. Keepin' my chin up. Going to stay positive about it. Get another test passed off or at least partially passed off.

I have NOT had a work out today. I'm bugged. It's not like I didn't have time. I was making these stupid excuses about "Well, Nanette, this week you've got to concentrate on piano. You can put work out on the back burner."

After the other side of my internal dialogue stopped giving me the silent treatment for being so lame, It reacted. "Here's the thing. You had a great lesson on Friday after your run. You don't need to be sedentary to concentrate. You have enough time to both exercise and practice. If you feel like mentally you don't have it... Get over yourself. Push your boundaries."

I AM cracking down on food this week. More veggies. More fresh. More quality calories. I'm pretty good at eating under my caloric limit... but I budget for dark chocolate or an extra serving of cottage cheese...  and This week is veggies with every meal! I'm doing okay with that today.

I feel like the cautious nutrition is the safety net for this battle of piano vs fitness vs laziness... It is temporary. The whole thing is so silly! I know that I'll benefit from telling myself  YES! YOU CAN! YOU ARE CAPABLE! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUSH YOURSELF TO DO! This stupid struggle of procrastination and the fallacy that I can only have one or the other (extra work outs or piano practice time)... is such a waste. I've got four more weeks of this. Adapt. Take on both. Succeed, Nanette. Get it together.



  1. I think the absolute hardest thing is learning how to split your focus. I know that I start getting lazy if I am not 100% focused on weight loss and yet that's life, we have to focus on more than one thing at a time. Finding a way to split your focus and be able to continue the healthy lifestyle is tricky. Best of luck.

  2. LOVE your graphic (I'm stealing it, FYI) and your self awareness. One thing I don't have in the least (that my kids somehow do have) is musical talent and that is a quality I so admire in others. Yes, a brief intense workout will lift your mood, clear your head and get you in the zone to focus on practicing and accomplishing what you need to do to GET IT DONE! The sun is rising, it! :)

  3. You go for it. You can do it.

    Go veggies, go. I find that adding the veg is really helping me to feel full longer with less calories. And the psychology of the added nutrition is a boost too.

    Here's to kicking butt in the next 4 weeks.

  4. You are obviously getting in touch with yourself and recognizing the games that we can play that get us out of doing the things that will get us to goal. Creating lifetime habits is not a straight shot; we all do the lazy thing occasionally but that doesn't make it OK. We just cannot accept that in ourselves because it represents what we used to be and that is not what we want. You are learning a lot about yourself and weeding out what isn't helping. Good job.

  5. Or you do a scales practice (you could call it a scales "workout") and you feel so great afterwards that you decide to spend 15 minutes kicking ass with some body weight work - and then you feel totally great for getting them both done! And so you give yourself a treat with some yummy veggies!

  6. I love that saying and you know, it's not easy to focus on more than 1 thing sometimes... especially when they are important things. You'll work out the balance though because you keep working at it & that right there is what's important:-)

  7. At least you know that you are thinking this way, that's a good step!

  8. Isn't the weather so great? If you have a portable it under a tree and have a veggie picnic!


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