Monday, April 23, 2012

A Grand List and NSVs

I was reading Lori's Blog today and it just got me all sorts of thinking...   When I get busy, how do I keep this weight loss thing going? How can this be easier? How can I make decisions more effective and helpful for the cause?

These are such important questions for me to address right now... Just about to relocate. I assume there is going to be so much stress. I don't know what my housing/kitchen situation is going to be like. I don't know what kind of budget I'm going to have for groceries. SO much is up in the air right now. But for the sake of having everything I've learned written in one place... here we go.

Nanette's Ultimate List of Making Weight Loss & Life More Manageable

- Make a budget for the month/paycheck. Remember all the monthly bills. Make sure you pay them. It's a stress reducer.
- Make a menu for the week.
- Buy lots of ziploc bags.
- Pre-bake chicken breasts for the week on Sunday, pre bag them.
- Buy veggies. When you get home, immediately wash, chop and bag them so they are easy and quick snacks.
- Make healthy/indulgent trail mix for sweet toothing. (almonds, dried fruit, dark chocolate bits). Pre bag it in single servings for quick munching.
- Have a notebook with quick work out ideas/premade workout plans. separated by time limit and by body part.
- Schedule your week. Be aware of your time and how much of it you spend in front of a computer or sitting. Find even 10 minutes that you can do something active (in 10 min you won't need a long clean up time either).
- Remember that if you put something away from where you got it, you'll spend less time cleaning.
- If you wear comfortable footwear, you're more likely to work out.
- If you have work out clothes that fit, you're more likely to work out.
- Be able to identify when you're whining, making excuses and being obstinate... none of those things help you achieve your goals.
- Spend a little time being grateful. Even if it's on your walk to work, even if it's right before you go to bed... it changes your brain chemistry and thought patterns.
- Don't sacrifice sleep for social life. It will kill all your efforts to reduce stress and lose weight.

And Today's NSV
I wore a dress that I bought ambitiously last year when school started. It is size 26. I was wearing a size 28/30 last august. And the dress looks great... and is actually too big through the chest, back, shoulders and arm scye. For now, I have to dress to my widest point... dear belly... I'll miss you when you're gone. NOT.

Also...   Did a little pampering that I owed myself from hitting the 60lb mark. Got my eyebrows done. I'm a redhead... you other fair and lightly colored people understand what I'm talking about. Wax and tint. :)  Look! I can have facial expressions now!

Aaaaaand... my new trail running shoes came in last week. I took them for a run last night... I definitely need to get my muscles in my feet, ankles and shins to adapt. But they are so comfy and lightweight. I do hereby swear to ONLY USE THEM FOR RUNNING. I've gotta make them last this time. 

Feeling like a champion that I forced myself to go out and run last night though. I was having the beginning of some huge sun migraine from going to a BBQ earlier that afternoon for a couple hours. (it's this ginger thing... gets me every time). But I got off my duff and just did the run. I moved up a level. I'm doing 2x (1.5 min run, 1.5 min walk, 3 min run, 3 min walk). On the cool down I wasn't quite back home so I did two extra 1.5 min runs. Today I'm not feeling nearly as sore as I thought I would be. I'm so excited that I'm adapting... I'm becoming a real runner! slowly, but surely! 

Big Fat NSV and Major List Making Love, 


  1. wooooo hooo!!! great!! yeah, i can see that it is a bit big on ya. congrats on that 60 lb mark. milestone. and great reward.

  2. You are beautiful, I really think you are!
    I also think you'll do great even when busy. It's all about planning (which I am realizing more and more day by day)

  3. Writing down a plan is the perfect start to what is coming just around the corner for you. I learnt just recently that changes in my schedule or routine really screw my journey up. Next time I will plan before hand!
    A HUGE congrats on getting into the dress AND having it roomy in places, that's an awesome NSV!!!!!
    You are beautiful, don't ever let anyone say differently <3
    Thanks for all your support Nanette, you have been such a great bloggy friend, sorry I don't tell you that enough :)

    1. No need for thanks... just keep writing and working toward health! :) That's thanks enough. I learn so much from all of you guys when you post.

  4. Wow, you look lovely in that dress! You are giving me all kinds of list-making ideas. While I was reading yours, I wondered if you have a workout/running bag all packed and ready to go. It saves me tons of time.

    1. what a fantastic idea! I don't go to a gym, so I have a drawer in my bureau for just work out clothes. But that's definitely something I hadn't thought of... Maybe I'll be able to get a gym account when I settle down! :)

  5. You are lovely!!!
    And smart for having a plan.

  6. I'm a menu planner. It saves me having to think about what to cook! I so live by "lists". You have a very good list there.

  7. I really love the breakdown. It's so easy to feel overwhelmed with everything but tackling it bit by bit is a smart move :)

    You look so SPRING READY in that dress!

  8. Eyebrows are the framework of the face ladies! You look so lovely, the brows really give your face structure! :)

  9. awesome achievement that dress is super cute!
    Every night before bed I used to make myself come up with three things that I was grateful for that day and three things that had made me happy/smile/laugh etc. It really helped me stay on a stress free and emotionally healthy path. I've been having trouble with those little niggling voices in my head getting me down lately so I think its time I tried this one again. Must have been fate that I checked your blog this morning even though I am in a super rush! Thank you!

  10. Way to go!! I love the positive attitude you are looking great and I love that you are feeling great keep it up!!

  11. I love your list! Now I have to go make one for me, you've given me a few ideas already :)

  12. Love the brows! And the dress. You look great Nanette and I'm so jealous you are able to run! I can't even manage a minute!

  13. love that dress!! Oh and dont forget the last tip u just gave me... baking soda needs to be handy for any fires...... LOL ok well im sure thats not a tip for everyone.. just people like me ;0) You look fabulous!!!

  14. Oh ginger things. My hair was red until I dyed it blonde and now it is confused about what color it wants to be. I love this list..time to make my own! You're always coming up with ideas I want to steal :)

  15. Excellent work on the running and the dress is great, nice and springy:-)

  16. So great with the running! :D Love the list -- you are so organized & practical about your weight loss experience! Congrats on the dress (very cute btw) -- probably the last Spring you'll be able to wear it! Have a great week! :D

  17. Great list! May have to steal it : ) And love that dress, it looks great on ya!

  18. Go girl! Oh the lists...I should really make them-and stick to them. That dress looks great and it is super cute! I am impressed w/your consistency w/running. I've started C25K a couple times now!


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