Thursday, April 19, 2012

Follow Up...

I got my run in! It was after I finished my work for the week and the scales. It felt like a victory lap! I'm supposed to lay low/take it easy until sunday because the runs are getting longer. So tomorrow It's a long round of HIIT and stretching. Saturday - yoga. Sunday - RUN!

I'm excited that the runs are getting longer (time not really distance). I'm slightly worried... as I don't know if I can do it. But that's going to be such a cool thing to learn I can do if I can. If I can't, it's great fodder for goal making. I want to run with Mr. Option A.

Lately, I've just wanted to eat the world. I haven't done super great this week. Some snacking happened last night when Ashley, the friend from out of town arrived. I'd reached 1400 cal already, but I made them a late late dinner and wound up eating with them. So that put me up around 1800.

Today, I'm trying really hard to stay to 1200 like the Allan Challenge instructs.

B: 1/2 a thingy of greek yogurt.
S: string cheese (2)
L: orange
S: chicken breast.
D: Fancy Salad!
S: eggs.

I had a really cool conversation with Wendy over on eatsleepmove. I love that this blogging thing is bringing people together. Are you guys having experiences like that lately? Sometimes I hear about care packages being exchanged. Or phone calls being made. Texts. Supportive emails. This is such a NEAT community. I hope that everyone's week is going well.

Big Fat Follow Up Love,


  1. Well done! I find it helpful to just focus on either time or distance, otherwise I drive myself crazy.

  2. I have such a hard time commenting on your blog!!!

    Anyway - I can't remember if you are doing a set program or your own thing. Either way, you will be surprised how fast the endurance comes. There is nothing wrong with staying at a level more than one week until you are ready to move on.

    1. Is there something wrong with the blog? Do I need to change something?

    2. No it's probably some glitch in my browser. I should clear the cache probably.

  3. Thanks for always commenting on my blog!

  4. Great work! That running is a hard thing to continue has it gets tougher but look at you doing it!


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