Sunday, April 8, 2012


I just had one of the worst piano lessons of my life. Which is weird... because Friday was awesome. But here's the deal... I have to learn 6 scales in 4 days in order to pass my next scale test. Or I have to learn a piece of music in 4 days. Or pass off my last sight reading test. Or I have to do an improvised accompaniment for a piece I haven't received.... I MUST pass ONE test this week.

I hate more than anything this feeling of disappointment in myself. This piano class is the only thing between me and my degree. I'm not IN the class so I don't get the benefit of classroom instruction. I'm finishing an incomplete and it's my own damn fault that I've got to pass everything off so quickly. I'm so discouraged. But I think Ms. Adams knows. I think she'll be sympathetic (not that I want to count on that in any way).

I refuse to let this hold me back. I refuse to feel like I have this loose end in Idaho. So... modification of this week's goals.

NSV goal: PASS ONE PIANO TEST, PRACTICE EVERY DAY. Even if it means dropping a work out here or there. I HAVE to get practice time in. Degree needs to come first this week. Plus that degree is part of "fancying up" my resume.

Big Fat'n Panicked Love,


  1. Yep. Time to Suck It Up, Buttercup, and get it done.

    Go love that piano.

  2. Practice, practice and more practice. I too play the piano and know how much practice goes into any piece you want to play. I know how hard it is to practice and practice and practice but I also know it will pay off so girl, sit at the bench, stretch those fingers, practice those scales and most so on the left hand (at last for me that's true) and you can do this. You must do this and I have more faith in you then anything. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
    Good luck. Blessings!

  3. Get that practice in, you burn calories doing that also ya know:-) Not as much but it's not like you're sitting around doing nothing and this is to achieve your overall, life goals and to maintain your happiness which in the long run is very important to your weight loss experience! You can do this, you are strong and you are determined:-)


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