Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trying out Insanity + Another Cool Find

Hey guys!

I just got back from my work out with trainer today. Literally. I'm still in my damp work out clothes (raining sweat, yeah)! On wednesdays we try new things. We try different work out videos. We try harder work outs. Wednesday is the big push day. Today we did Insanity. I don't remember which video. Explosive cardio? Something like that.

There was a bit of jumping. I modified to squats (squat down then raise to toes when you come up so you hit the calves too). I got a little behind in spots. I had to take breaks. I had to modify. But the absolute best thing? I didn't stop or give up. I didn't feel like a fat lump (like I did with R.I.P.P.E.D). The guy on the video is encouraging and smart. He's tough, but reminds you that form is more important than speed and to keep going.

I guess what I really look for in a work out video is that the person instructing is struggling their way through it too. I hate it when I'm watching a pilates video and it seems like gravity doesn't affect the instructor. Or doing some plyometrics (jumping all over the place) and the instructor seems to be doing it on a trampoline or doesn't even get winded. Oh, even worse, when they try to kick up some jokes and witty banter with the other people in the "class" behind them. Form suggestions and "notice how" stuff is great. But don't make me feel like this work out should be so easy that I have the wind, let alone the excess focus to tell jokes and get distracted. ... meanwhile I've collapsed into a sweaty, lardy lump on the floor - THAT makes me feel like a failure.

I like to see the video personality BE A PERSON. I like to see them sweat. I like to hear them breathe hard. I like to know that my muscles quaking are NORMAL and it's not that I'm fat. It's that this work out is so hard it makes Mr. Beefcake quiver. And yeah, I can modify and it doesn't make me a sissy. It means I'm being safe. I like the person to encourage and show modifications because it makes it accessible. I can come up with my own, but it's nice to know that they've thought of those just starting out.

Insanity doesn't show modifications. So I had to make up my own. But it never talks down to you. It doesn't act like a cheerleader. It's more like a coach. They give you imagery as you're going along to help with form. They give you reminders about form constantly. Reminders to hydrate. During the breaks they SHOW you some of the more complicated movements that are coming up. It's really awesome.

I left feeling really pumped and that I want to do it again. That I want to improve. That I want to do better than I did this time. THAT IS AN EFFECTIVE WORK OUT DVD.

34 oz of goodness. Perfect size. 

Internal Screen. 
Shifting gears, the cool find. I found this water bottle last night when I was grocery shopping. It's called a "water tracker" water bottle. It's got this nice little screen inside the top so you don't get poked in the face with ice. It also has this neat feature on the top. It's a knob. The knob has three options: 1, 2, 3. I thought it would control water flow or something... No. It's just there so you can track how many water bottles you've consumed for the day instead of trying to remember. I LOVE STUFF LIKE THAT! Plus it was only like... $6 and BPA free.

Drink counter... on top of the lid. 
So despite all my good intentions to not buy things I don't NEED. I went ahead. I don't think I'll regret it. I lost my nalgene bottle last week and I've had some hydration issues since. In a way I could still call it a NEED. But I'm very pleased with my purchase.

B: 1/4 c cottage cheese
S: Baby carrots.
L: tuna salad w/ avocado & sunflower seeds.
S: String cheese.
D: Chicken strips on salad.
S: sliced turkey.

Work out
Insanity - 45 min.

I'm needing some serious motivation to do the interval run today. I've got a meeting (nonformal) with an old department I worked with to transfer over some of my files at 1:30p.m. And I've got to get the piano practice in before I go to work... And I just finished a tough work out. I need a little down time. Maybe after my shift. Maybe a 10pm run. There's no swim class tomorrow morning. Just HIIT and piano. So yeah... I think a 10pm run would be in order.

Here guys. Making you a promise. I will run after work today. I will go right after I finish my shift. I have to keep running so I don't lose my progress.

The Allan Challenge is tightening down. We're supposed to do 1200 calories from today until Sunday and up our water intake by 24oz. Gotta do it! Gotta do it!

Big Fat Insanity Love,


  1. Wohoo! I loving reading about raining sweat part :)
    So I tried Insanity fitness test, wtf...could not keep up. I'm glad that you posted your review, because it gives me motivation to try another video. I will not give up!
    And I'll be waiting for the update on the run, mwuahahaha!

  2. I would call the new water bottle an "investment"! There! Purchase justified. :)

  3. Oh, yes, I love human trainers! I like it when they occasionally have to wipe the sweat off their faces and get a little red in the face, too!
    Cool bottle, I would have bought it too!

  4. Hey where did you see that about the challenge?

    1. It was in my email this morning... I know Allan has been having a hard time with the mailing list these days. Maybe shoot him an email?

    2. Ah! I haven't gotten a daily email in over a week. He seems busy right now - I won't bother him. I already stick to 1200-13oo most days and drink way more water than my level do its not a change.

  5. I love that bottle. I seriously need a counter, because I can never remember.. was it two or three so far? :D

  6. PS way to go running at 10 pm! You are braver than me!

  7. I love a good purchase lol.

  8. Cool bottle-great choices. I admire your determination in training!

  9. Yes it's an investment. Your workouts are making me sweat!

  10. Good workout dvd's are hard to find. I couldn't do P90x because I found that guy so obnoxiously distracting. I did like Debbie Siebers Slim in 6 - she was a little corney but that's okay. I just put her on mute eventually.

    Where did you get that water bottle? I want!

    1. I found mine at Winco... a grocery store. But I looked up a link for you if you'd like to get one online!

      It's 7.50 plus shipping. :) Happy hydrating.

  11. I agree with you on the workouts, I hate when they make me feel like I'm failing at it with all their crazy side talk and such. Love that bottle. I don't put ice in my water cause my teeth are too sensitive and then I need a straw, which I don't always have. Well I do now cause I make a point to get bottles that have them:-) I'm sort of a bottle junkie, it's one of my favorite things to check out when I'm shopping, how many does one need really???


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