Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weakness and Procrastination.

Do you have those weeks where everything sort of plays on your current weakness? This past week it seems like pizza was everywhere I looked; mentioned in the fat blogs, advertised in the sidebars of monetized blogs/videos, free at work, in every conversation around me...   well. I gave in. I had 3 slices last night and threw the rest away.

It wasn't some amazing pizza. It was disappointing. It was greasy, carb-y and salty. And I'm over it. I make better homemade pizza than what I had at the local pizzeria (which I thought was amazing, to die for pizza about 8 months ago). 

Since my Lent challenge of not going out, I've had a harder time staying on my plan. So I think I'm going back to it - modification: I can go out with my trainer every once in a while. We go to restaurants and assess the healthiness of each other's dinners and it works out quite well to keep me eating healthy while out on the town. 

When I eat homemade food I lose weight. 

Well, I felt so bad about my pizza indulgence yesterday... more correctly, I felt bad about my weakness and lack of willpower. My friend and I went to the grocery store and bought $10 worth of veggies. Because I have decided that today is a raw foods day. 

Also... Today is a run day. Now was it last week??? I ranted and raved about not wanting to be judged and then went running on the busiest road in town... Today I was running alley ways again. As empowering as it was to say "Go ahead world, JUDGE ME," it's easier to concentrate on the running, breathing and consistency when I don't run into anyone. 

I felt really great about today's run. I'm on week 3 of c25k. 
2 rounds
1.5 min run
1.5 min walk
3 min run
3 min walk
It was my second time running this. I didn't have to stop for a second to catch my breath on the 3 minute runs like I did last time. It was easier to distract myself since it was daylight out and I could see all the stuff around me. I found that when my feet started aching or my knees complained a little, if I concentrate on swinging my arms, I can't hear the other body parts.

I ran across a couple of people while I was out. A fellow runner slowed down and ran with me for a block... It was a lovely show of support. There were also a couple cars driving by that gave me a friendly wave and a thumbs up.

It took rotating through all my excuses this morning to get me out and running. Ipod isn't charged. Check my email. Check my facebook. Go to the bathroom twice. Eat a little something. Brush my teeth. Drink some water. Put more music on my playlist. My excuses took longer than the actual run. I recognize that.... the excuses probably aren't going to disappear entirely. But with time, I hope to lessen the time I spend procrastinating exercise. I can't afford that. Life is short. There's so much to get done. Why waste your time puttering around? I know my goals. Time to GET TO THEM!

Saw this quote in a running magazine this week... love it. I AM A RUNNER. 
B: celery + carrots
S: fresh ground peanut butter + celery
L: celery + carrots + tomato + spinach + asparagus.
S: Steamed broccoli + cucumber + balsamic vinaigrette
D: Asparagus + tomato + garlic sauteed.

Interval Run.

Big Fat Get Your Head In The Game Love,


  1. I'm so proud of you for running! That inspires me so much to try it more often too.
    Let me tell you I have that period of excuses before I go do my exercises too! So glad it's not just me!

  2. Way to go with pushing yourself to run. I have to fight with myself still after a year to get out and just do it. I don't know if I will ever love running but I'm determined to just keep doing it!

  3. Good job on getting out there running, Nanette. You are doing great. It has been a difficult food day here but in spite of my indulgences, I have managed to stay within a more reasonable limit than I have been for weeks. I did some walking yesterday and the day before. I might get on the treadmill later but I am planning to do some weight and core work tomorrow for the first time since I can't remember when. It is going to be raining outside and Nicholas has finally set my treadmill back up in the living room. It had to be folded up when Kailee and Mike moved back in. Dail will be sleeping all day tomorrow and it will be a perfect time to just focus on my food and exercise. With Dail home my anxiety level should be way down. Hang in there and keep doing what you are doing. You will be seeing some great results before you know it. I think it is wonderful that you are getting encouragement from people who are seeing you out running. That is always a plus.:)

  4. Oh I love the running quote! And great job doing the run, isn't it amazing to see progress just about every time you run? I feel like some weeks the universe just sets up delicious food all around me to test my progress, much work to be done about my willpower.

  5. I love your attitude Nanette!

  6. Terrific job on your run! How lovely to get support from others around you too :)
    I've had a rough week in terms of eating as well ... hopefully the week ahead will be better.
    Great running quote - thanks for sharing :)

  7. Hell yes you are a runner! I am totally jealous, and also very happy for you :)

  8. Great job Nanette! I'm soooo jealous ;) My knees won't allow me to run, but I am planning on beginning a walking routine this week! Keep up the good work!


  9. You are doing awesome!! You quote you have there is the one I've been using all year. I can't run but trotting I can do and that's gotta count too. Take care and keep up the great work!! Blessings!


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