Sunday, April 15, 2012

Review of week 3 and NEW GOALS!

Weight: 307 (-1)
Waist: 47" (+.5)

Last week... 
Weight: -3lbs. Aiming high and trying to get a repeat of last week.
Check In: -1lb....   Well... it's something. 

NSV: Fancy up the resume. Continue to take good care of my skin. 
Check In: Yes! Resume submitted. Interview Scheduled. Lotion applied! 

Nutrition: Eat a vegetable at every meal - including breakfast!
Check In: 75% on this. My veggies went bad these last couple of days. 

Fitness: 575 bicep curls with resistance band (75 a day)... in addition to this week's workout routine. 
Check In: I forgot about this mini challenge to myself COMPLETELY. 

Mini Challenge: yet to be given... Read everyone's blogs and comment. 
FAIL.   Sorry guys... there are so many of you! I needed this challenge on Monday. 

This week... 
Weight: -3lbs. I WANT TO LOSE THIS! (That would put me down to 304... feasibly a mere 2 weeks away from out of the 300s!)

NSV: Pass the piano exam this week! 

Nutrition: Cook enough chicken for every night of the week so you don't make a last minute bad decision.

Fitness: Two goals. 50 bicep curls a day & 3 interval runs in addition to my regular schedule as follows.
Monday - Mini HIIT.
Tuesday - Swim class + HIIT.
Wednesday - HIIT + Interval Run. 
Thursday - PIANO TEST! + HIIT. 
Friday - Interval Run! + Mini HIIT
Saturday - STRETCH!
Sunday - Interval Run + DEEEEEEEP Stretch. 

Mini Challenge: yeah... I think I'll try that support everyone thing again. Sorry so much if I don't get to you... we happen to have 1000000000 challengers! :) 

Big Fat Goal Makin' Love! 


  1. You'll be a skinny minnie before you know it! 61 pounds gone already. You'll be a sexy miss come this Christmas!!

  2. Good goals. Hope you make all your goals for week 4. :)

  3. You are doing great and have fantastic, achievable goals. Keep up the good work ad good luck week 4 :)

  4. A loss is a success! Congrats! You're so close to leaving the 300's behind! How exciting! Do you have a reward planned for yourself then?

  5. ooooooo nearly to a milestone - they are such a boost. Keep it up!

  6. Wow! To lose consistently is important, 1lb a week adds up fast! You are doing great :)

  7. You're doing great. Awesome goals! I should take better care of my skin!! I am going to take this goal for myself!

  8. You are doing great. Just keep doing what you're diong - its working!

  9. Did I miss a post about how your run went?

    1. Nah... I just mentioned it briefly in the comments on that Giant Weirdo post. The runs are super hard this week... I know they're only 45 seconds longer. But it's been pretty tough to start on the next level up of runs after taking a week off. I swear not to do it again. I may repeat a level, but I can't take anymore breaks.

  10. Good loss. I know what you mean about the running. I have been inconsistant for months now so I'm not making a lot of progress.

  11. Great goals. I just learned what HIIT stood for.

  12. Looks like a good week for you and a nice loss. Hope that piano test was positive. Have a great week 4!

  13. Congrats on your accomplishments so far, and a lb is a loss too! Have a great week 4!

  14. You are doing so great with all you have going on and such, congrats on the loss. It is hard keeping up with everyone, as you can see I'm catching up on yours today... all at once:-) You are an inspirational one that I love to check in with and see how you are pushing through things, it helps me to keep doing the same:-)


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