Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back On The Wagon #4

Lately, I've been feeling like I'm really trapped with the whole family reading everything I do and having become a person that my mother wouldn't really be super proud of (sweary, booze sometimes, sex, agnostic)...  And this blog has been so liberating. It's been created through an email address that's not really affiliated with my name or that people could find by googling me.

The next giant realization... I have the ability to create a whole new youtube account and everything. So I may be taking a page out of Mir's book and doing some vlogs. But they'll probably be less about weight loss. My mind has been reeling with possibilities. 


Here's the health bit for today. 

Breakfast: access bar + banana
Snack: steak + steamed asparagus. 
Lunch: orange + almonds
Snack: tuna salad
Dinner: orange, tomato, cucumber, protein bar
Snack: cottage cheese and a square of dark chocolate. 

50 min swim class

I can't wait for PiYo on Saturday... gotta get bendy! 
50sec on/ 10 sec off - ABS!!! (3 rounds) 12 min
- leg lifts
- side sit ups. 
- reverse crunch
- super man

50/10 - BUM!!! (3 rounds)  12 min
- bridge leg lifts right. 
- bridge leg lifts  left. 
- bridge leg circle r/l
- bridge leg lift + circle r/l 

50/10 - ALL!!! (3 rounds) 12 min. 
- Plank
- Plank+ leg lift alternating
- 25lb kettle bell squat rows. 
- Squat jacks. 

In other words... I want to die and I'm afraid that my butt is going to fall off today. But we were aiming for a big push!!!  I may give myself a little leeway on diet today... Only in the way of high protein though... like a chicken breast or baked tuna or something. Yesterday I did so well sticking to the menu. 

I also started my water early today and I've had 8 of 20 glasses of water. I have such a hard time getting in the 160oz. I HAVE to start earlier in the day. Drinking 80oz over the course of a 4 hour shift doesn't give me the same benefit as staying hydrated all day (at least I think). 

Big Fat Midweek Love, 


  1. Great job! Can't wait to follow you on this Challenge!

  2. I can "feel" your determination!

  3. You are totally on fire!!!
    I have some people from my "real life" that read my blog, but I try to ignore that. I write whatever I want, and if someone takes offense.. not my problem. It's about me and my journey, no one else. :) My mom even found it, but she was happy and very proud of me.. a relief!

  4. I totally get you on the blogging -- there's so much freedom in anonymity! Also, you are doing amazing! You're going to be so ripped! :D

    1. I agree! That's why I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Click here for more information about the award.


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