Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ready For Summer Challenge (RFSC): Goals

Yes, I'm a challenge whore. As of the 26th, I will be in 3 challenges. But they all run different spans of time and I feel like I need something structured like E2E in addition to the Allan Challenge (Aka one to make me check in weekly with you guys and one to intimidate the hell out of me). But all of that is beside the point... 

I'm starting a new challenge on the 26th. The Ready for Summer Challenge. For which, I need to make goals in the following categories: weight loss, Non-Scale Victory (NSV), Exercise and Nutrition. These goals may change - though I really hate doing that.

Weight Loss: 
6 weeks x 2lbs a week = 12lbs. But I want to push myself
6 weeks x 3lbs a week = 18lbs. That looks a bit better. 

GOAL: -18lbs
Non-Scale Victory: 
I wear mainly 28/26 right now -----> I'd love to be in a 24/22. Realistic? Maybe. I carry fat oddly. 
I usually wear a 4x/3x -----------> But I wanna be a 3x/2x. 
I would also like to lose another 2 inches off my waist... which would probably result in those clothing changes... (please may I not lose any more from my boobs)!P.s. I will post a new photo next to my before pic half way through and on the final check in.

Goal: - 2 inches

I like my current regimen of 5 work outs a week. And the move to Manhattan happens right after this challenge is over. Swim class will end the first week of May. So I will have to be inventive and force myself to work out on my own... good practice for when I move away from Trainer, Right?! Right. 

Goal: 5 work outs a week 

Okay, I've been hearing all sorts of things about needing a higher amount of calories on work out days to help your body build muscle. Then I've heard things about making your plate a pie chart and certain percentages of food groups. And then I'm freaking lazy and that's a whole lot of thinking.
So let me break it down for you. Workout days - 1700 calories. Non Workout days - 1300. 
Each main meal will be half protein, half veg. Snacks may be fruits, cheeses, veggies, or a protein bar. Those are the specifics. 

Goal: WOD - 1700 calories, NWOD - 1300 
Water (1/2 weight in ounces). 

A lot of goals are similar to the goals I have now. But that's good. I need to be consistent. And what I'm doing right now is working! :) I could do with out my little allowances of things like dark chocolate... or peanut butter... Or sadly, cheese. Slowly... Those sound like fodder for great mini challenges. 

Big Fat New Challenge Love, 


  1. Welcome to the challenge, so glad you decided to join us! You have some great goals that are very realistic, I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Great goals! I look forward to following along as you meet your goals.

  3. Great goals, glad your getting ready for the summer with the rest of us:-)

  4. Awesome goals, glad you've joined!

  5. Love the goals... especially the higher cals on workout days. I'm a huge beleiver that upping the cals (making them GOOD cals) really helps with weight-loss.

    Great job, girl!
    Can't wait to kick this Challenge off with you!

  6. Super happy you are in, and I really like your goals. You need higher calorie intake on workout days, and that's what you're doing - goood! :D


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