Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yoink! Playlist post!

Miss April  posted her favorite work out playlist today... Simply inspired, since Trainer and I discussed how I need to make a new mix today. I'm stealing some of her music ideas and figured I'd share mine.

*DISCLAIMER* - I haven't watched the videos. So I don't even know what to warn you about.

I fink U freeky - Die Antwoord - A hip-hop/rap trio out of South Africa. Awesome beats, tempos increase midway through... It's great when you need that last minute push. *swearing*

Cinders - Matt and Kim  - This kinda makes me feel like Mario. It's super short... so it's great to do an interval of fast running/elliptical-ing to.  (no lyrics)

Meddle - Little Boots - Good steady beat for a warm up. Lovely mildly vindictive break up-y song. (clean)

I Want You So Hard (The Boy's Bad News) - Eagles of Death Metal  - I heard this on True Blood and had to own it... Just makes me wanna move! (clean)

Bourbon Street - Red Elvises - Nothing like a little Russian Surf Swing to remind you that you're having a good time. (clean)

Everlasting Light - The Black Keys  - Lo-Fi GLORY. Throwback to motown. Back-up singers. Slow but steady, great for doing some lifting. (clean)

Hell Broke Luce - Tom Waits - Need a drill sergeant? *swearing*

Don't Upset The Rhythm - Noisettes - She cheers you on for nearly the entire song! "Go, baby, go, baby, go!" It's nice to have a cheerleader for this non-team player. heh.

Don't Slow Down - Matt and Kim - Because I certainly need the reminder. Great for mid-workout I-wanna-quits.

Gay Bar - Electric Six - Rockin' tune that moves AND makes me smile... EVEN WHILE DOING PUSHUPS! *suggestive video/lyrics*

Out of My System - Jamie Lidell - Honestly... the most soulful white man I've ever heard. Again with the mo-town sound. Great lyrics... Even if you don't want to work out, grab a hairbrush and sing to the mirror and dance around. (clean).

Music Is The Victim - Scissor Sisters - Funky. Higher tempo. I'm nuts about this band... and shhhh... I kind of don't hate disco. *swearing/disturbing vid*

Kay... I'll stop there...  12 songs will totally get you through an entire workout. Most of this stuff is peppy. I'm not much into angry workout music. Bitter lyrics, maybe. But not really angry music. My work out has to make me smile and feel excited. I'll probably post more of these kinds of posts as I create more playlists for my own training sessions.

Big Fat MUSIC Love,


  1. Yay! A new meme! Makes me want to put up some songs from my playlist too!

    1. Do It! I'd love to hear what other's are listening to... and maybe buy the .Mp3s for my next work out mix!

  2. YES! I love music and enjoy being introduced to new artists. Thanks for the shout out and great list! {{{{{Move it, move it! Shake it, shake it!}}}}}


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