Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break...

So yeah! Second work out of spring break!

work out
25 burpees
25 pushups
25 mountain climbers
25 plank walk outs (start standing, walk hands to plank).
25 one leg touch abs (right)
25 one leg touch abs (left)
25 weighted squats (15lb)
25 back lunge + kick (right)
25 back lunge + kick (left)
25 side v-abs (right)
25 side v-abs (left).

and I forgot one exercise...   But we got it all done in 19 minutes. 300 rep work out! YEAH!!!

Got my stretching in... My IT band is still really tight from last Thursday. I like to think it's pulling everything in to where it needs to be. Correcting posture and the musculature of fat compensation.

It's only day two of no dairy and I'm already making excuses. This is ridiculous.

Internal Dialogue
Nanette, you need protein, just go buy some cottage cheese.
No, Dairy free week.
But you just read that article that said cottage cheese is really good for you after a work out.
No. Dairy free week.
But don't you eat more veggies when you eat them with cheese?
WTF, Nanette!?! You don't put cheese on your veggies, just buck up and eat something different. Stop making excuses. DAIRY. FREE. WEEK.

What's kinda stupid is that I'm having a hard time selling myself on any other food items... So I've had a freaking fruit leather because it's too early to bust into the chicken breasts I made and that's IT. So here we go with the menu planning so I can force myself to have SOMETHING even if it's not cheese.

Breakfast: fruit leather.
Snack: plum
Lunch: tuna salad + steamed broccoli
Snack: orange.
Dinner: Chicken breast + steamed edamame
Snack: NOT CHEESE... something...   don't know what yet though.

And I do hereby swear to put in an hour at a piano at some point today.

Big Fat Stick To It Love,


  1. There's something floating around on Pinterest that I like. It goes something like," If you aren't hungry for vegetables then you aren't really hungry." As in, "I'm really hungry right now, but aaaw, I don't want all that healthy stuff. I'm only hungry for cheeeeese! Waah!" LOL! I tried putting yogurt back into my diet last week, 'cause I LOVE yogurt ya know. I think it was a gateway drug and just made me hungry for more stuff.
    Can you plan your first cheese in a week, like plan to get the very best of the bestest cheese and what sort of other goodlies you'll have with it? As sort of a way to put off actually getting it?

    1. lol! yes! I'll buy some fancy goat cheese next monday.

  2. You'll be so proud of yourself at the end of the week! You've already made it almost 2 days! :D

  3. haha. your inner voice is mean! have you tried humus? dont know if that fits into your plan or not.

  4. Don't they say that the first sign of madness is talking to wonder the world is mad ha ha ha!!

  5. We are our own worst enemy I swear! Internal monologue can be a nightmare on this journey but you are fighting and that is the best thing you can do. Keep on fighting and you will be so proud you did it! Sending lots of good vibes your way!

  6. I loooove dairy. Sorry, am I being a tease? :p hehehe

  7. I can relate to that internal monologue! Once you get through the dairy free week I think it'll become easier.


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