Sunday, March 4, 2012

Favorite Time of Day...

I'm basking in the afterglow of a good work out... It is my favorite time of the day. It means being on the laptop, reading health blogs, enjoying the mental break, riding the body high, arms still shaking from muscle fatigue.

Today's workout 
time challenge (do it as quickly as possible). 

High knees - 50x
Back to side lunges - 25x per leg.
Bicep curl w/resistance band (30lb) - 50x
Side abs - 25x per side.
Butterfly/competition sit ups - 25x
pushups -10 x
superman (on belly. lifting arm w/alternate leg) - 10x per side.
pushups - 10x
Superman - 10x
pushups - 10x
tricep dips - 15x

Time: 14:15. If any of you want to... I dare you to beat my time. :)

I didn't get to meet with trainer today as it's a weekend. So I made up my own. We did a lot of legs this so I tried to balance it out with a bunch of arms... not to mention get a head start on my week of 300 pushups. Best thing about working out at home with out the trainer... I can do it in my bra, undies and trainers.

Yesterday I did a little fitness shopping... I bought some work out/lifting gloves, a jumprope, and a resistance band the 30lb resistance band. At least, I think it's the 30lb resistance band... it's the middle level (moderate - fit). I know I told myself I wouldn't buy more stuff before the NY move. But I bought things that I can pack easily. I'm so tired of doing pushups bc they hurt my hands (hello... my big fat body weight on my delicate lady hands). I've started to get callouses. But I don't want callouses, so the gloves will do... Plus they kind of make me feel like a badass kickboxer. heh.

Today's Menu 
Breakfast: banana
Post work out: access bar
Lunch: 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg, a little mozz and salsa (I've been eating this a lot lately, I like it). w/steamed broccoli on the side.
Afternoon snack: fajita innards and a plum.
Dinner: steak w/ steamed asparagus and tomato slices w/balsamic vinegar.
Pre-bed: orange, tea.

Pushup goal: 30/300

Big Fat Sunday Kind of Love,


  1. Never mind beating you - I don't even know what half that stuff means!

  2. Exercise sounds awesome & food sounds delicious! Great day!

  3. Your workouts are intimidating to me. :) You are really doing well, Nanette on getting the exercise in. I have all kinds of equipment here. I just need to make myself use it.

  4. Awesome work out Nanette, exellent foods. You are doing amazing. Keep it up Nanette, keep it up.
    Take care and have a blessed evening!!

  5. I just saw your comment on my blog - yay, another bodyrocker - well, Zuzana fan!! I can't do any of the workouts, but I just pick exercises that I like from their videos and then do it in intervals or time challenges like you did today! Not so into the new videos, I always use the zuzka ones. Do you watch the new zuzkalight channel? x

    1. YES! I love the ZWOW. I miss her a lot. My trainer lady is a huge bodyrocker... But we both don't like the new lady. She talks too much and the camera spends too much time looking up her lady business... who knows, maybe that's why zuzka quit. I miss her diet stuff though too.

  6. Please don't report your makes me tired just reading it lol lol. You do so great!!

  7. Fantastic exercise! Makes me want to get my burn on :D


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