Wednesday, March 28, 2012


With the new challenge starting I've been blog exploring for over a week and I feel like it's still just the tip of the iceburg. I haven't been commenting much. I'm overwhelmed by stuff to read!! There are so many people to get to know better and read about.

However, I did see a lovely page that I can't find again... One lady had a page set up with her health stats. More than just her weigh in or her waist measurement. So I'm yoinking the idea and have been looking up all sorts of calculators today. 

March 28

BMI: 45.9 {30+ = obese, 29.9 - 25 = overweight, 24.9-18.5 normal). 
Hip to Waist Ratio: .73 (healthy)
Body Fat Calculator: 28.82% (HA! but the calculators are fun). 
Base Metabolic Rate: 2302. 

Then I started futzing around with the numbers. I will need to be 170lbs before I'm considered "normal." I need to lose 160lbs before I can reach that... are you looking at those numbers... HALF MY BODY WEIGHT. That blows my mind. Also, I figured out that each pound I lose takes me down .014 on the BMI scale. 

My list looks something like this... 
320lb = 45.9
310lb = 44.5 
300lb = 43.0
290lb = 41.6
280lb = 40.2<-------Super obese/not Morbidly obese
270lb = 38.7
260lb = 37.3
250lb = 35.9
240lb = 34.4
230lb = 33
220lb = 31.6
210lb = 30.1 <-------- Overweight/Not Obese. 

I have to lose over 100lbs in order to be considered merely, OVERWEIGHT. Crazy. My feelings of accomplishment have diminished. I'm having a bit of a hard time with that... I need to concentrate on the smaller accomplishments. Like going down by levels. 10lb increments. 

My workouts are less motivating as of late. I don't know why. Body is adjusting? Need to switch it up? Need to recommit? Need to pull my head out, that's for sure. 

This no cheese/dairy thing has sucked. I eat more carbs without it. It would have been great if I would replace cheese with veggies... But knowing myself, that's not going to happen. At least not yet. I can't wait for cottage cheese again on Sunday. My protein intake was higher with dairy in my diet and I'm about 60% less likely to punch someone in the face. heh. 

Big Fat NUMBER Love, 


  1. I post my lipid panel numbers. Because its more than pounds and inches for me. It's about total health. It is a rude awakening to realize how far w have to go. But every step is getting us there

    1. Where do you go to get lipid numbers? Is a doc thing? I lost my insurance last semester. But if there's another way to get that, I'd love to get my hands on it.

  2. One pound at a time, grrrrllll. Don't project too far ahead in the future if it feels overwhelming to look at the big picture. Tackle TODAY. Tackle today by the hour if you must. It sounds like you are committed and doing very well so far. Big Sister will be watching... ;)

  3. I second Norma's post! One pound at a time, and celebrate each and every one of them.

    I'm also feeling overwhelmed by all the reading material and personalities and stories behind the challenge members' blogs. This is a wonderful way to share our journey. I'm so glad I happened to end up here with you all!

    Good luck!

  4. I think Walgreen's does a cheap cholesterol test. Not sure if it includes all lipids...but seems logical they would include ldl/ hdl and a ratio or whatever.

    1. I'll check with my walgreens here... I'd just like it as a health indicator. I had my blood work done last fall - while insured. And everything checked out. My cholesterol was too low. Both hdl and ldl. But they had a good ratio to each other so they lady said not to worry about it. But to try to eat more fish. I'm just wondering if I've been able to bump that up.

  5. These changes have to be permanent in order to get the weight off and keep it off. It's not about reaching that magic number on the scale - that will happen over time but we must resign ourselves to self-control if it is to happen. Feeling sorry for ourselves is counter-productive and getting depressed and discouraged won't help either. It's about staying in control and doing what we know we have to do. Looking around at others who seem to effortlessly maintain a healthy weight won't get us there; we have to do what's right whether we want to or not or whether we feel like it or not. That's just the way it is. You have already been able to notice changes for the good. It will just keep getting better with commitment. Take care.

  6. I get them done at my doc's office, but some Walgreens do it and from time to time there are free health clinics where you can have it done. It is supposedly an indicator of heart disease risk. But youth is on your side. I never had any trouble until I hit menopause. So no more fried foods and cheese for me. Boo Hoo.

  7. I too need to lose 100lbs just to be considered overweight (I understand the feeling) -- but, don't let it discourage you or diminish the hard work you've already done! Revel in your accomplishments, and enjoy the journey -- you're so worth it! :D

  8. THe WHO and CDC set a 30 BMI as the threshold. So, I stopped being obese at 29.9. :D That was at 185 lbs. Here's some info on the various different BMI levels as set by differing authorities:

    I am still overweight, natch. I'd have to be, like, 144 lbs to be considered normal weight at a medium build. yeah, right. I was that when I was 22 and never again in my youth. Ain't gonna happen in my 50s. 180 has been hard enough to get to.

    anyway, on we go....focusing on health....cause in the end, that's the key.

  9. I know how you feel, I think I'm only just getting out of obese and into "dangerously overweight". You have to laugh, or it'd make you depressed.

    Hope you feel better about the dairy as well by the end of the week. There seems to be mixed info about it online, some cut it out completely, but I haven't had a problem with it and I eat greek yoghurt almost every day. x

  10. I am also a crazy numbers person, it's a blessing and a curse! I actually just wrote about my own number "stuff" haha:

  11. Pound by pound, right? :) I'm a numbers person too, nothing wrong with that!

  12. Try not to overwhelm yourself too much - make small, achievable goals. Every bit counts. Sometimes you've just got to do it -- it's tough to lose weight, but it's worth the effort and sacrifice. You can do it!

  13. I know how you feel. At the very beginning of my weight management journey, I sat down and analyzed my numbers and I felt so overwhelmed at how long it would take me. Then I started thinking about how long it took me to gain all the weight. It was unfair for me to ask my body to lose the weight faster than how long it took me to gain it. And you want to give your body time to adjust.

    I know that it feels like forever when you're breaking up your weight targets from obese to overweight and then to healthy, but be kind to your body. It's all about long term habits and if you keep to healthy habits, it will happen, even with plateaus, eventually you will get there.

    One pound at a time, focus on a week at a time. Log all your exercise workouts so you can see progress and feel good about it. It makes me feel better when I log in M-Sun exercise routines, that way I can see I'm doing something.

    All I can say is that when I feel unmotivated, I think of the alternative: keep gaining weight until I'm slapped with a cardiovascular event, or diabetes or any weight associated condition. This alone makes me want to go on, regardless of how slow the progress is.


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