Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back on the Wagon #3

So....  we meet again.

Breakfast: access bar
Snack: banana
Lunch: Salmon baked + steamed asparagus
Snack: Broccoli steamed + little bit o' feta
Dinner: Protein bar + pear + orange
Snack: cottage cheese (1 cup)

6 rounds: my time -15:28
10 - squat jumps forward/back. 
10 - Deep curtsies (right)
10 - Deep curtsies (left)
10 - Competition sit ups 
10 - Side plank leg lifts (right)
10 - Side plank leg lifts (left)

My shoulder is still pinchy... So more ibuprofen today and some massage. 

Next week is spring break, so I won't be working as much. Trainer and I are still meeting 3x that week. But I won't have aquacise... we are going to be doing some MEAN workouts. I'm stoked.

Diet - I'm totally addicted to cheese. So after the next E2E update I'm going to do a dairy free week and see if I can quiet the cravings and eat it in moderation like a normal person afterward.

Also, I'm trying to eat more on work out days (mainly protein) so I can build muscle - I'm totally not afraid of "bulking up" as far as muscle is concerned. But the eating more on workout days is tough... usually I have to convince myself to eat something for lunch and by late night my appetite returns. Which is probably a good thing... the not being super hungry, I hope that it's my body feasting on the massive amounts of fat storage I've created for it. 

I post these menus for the day and partially stick to them. I am making a commitment to STICK TO THE MENU today. 

Yesterday I said this...                                                        I DID this... 

Menu                                                                                  Menu
Breakfast: access bar, banana                                             Breakfast: access bar, banana
Snack: 3 eggs w/mozz + salsa                                             Snack: 3 eggs w/mozz + salsa
Lunch: Steamed broccoli and a tomato                                   Lunch: Steak
Snack: Tuna salad + pear + orange.                                      Snack: Orange, tomato, pear, peanut butter
Dinner: Steak. mmm.                                                        Dinner: protein bar
Pre-bed Snack: peanut butter and apple slices.                           Pre-bed: cottage cheese 1.5 cup. 

So it wasn't terribly off goal... or terrible as far as calories go, but I think it's so silly that I can make a menu for ONE DAY and still veer from it. I want to get back to consistent Nanette... the one where she bakes chicken breasts and has them ready for the entire week and knows that's dinner every day. As you can see I'm pretty good until Lunch. It's more a control thing than a health thing. I want to be able to control my eating and say "NO. That's not what you'd planned today." and listen to myself. 

Big Fat Stick to the Menu Love, 


  1. I have no control over anything right now and the harder I try the harder it gets. I'm think of just allowing myself everything and seeing if I can make better choices when nothing is off limits. I feel I might be rebelling against the restrictions. I don't know. Your food looks good to me. I wish you the best.

    1. Taking time to learn about yourself and process emotions or relationship with food is still progress! :) Everything you do to help YOU is a step in the right direction. Love you, Karen. You'll get through it.

  2. I'm a cheese freak. Sigh.

    Women don't have to fear bulking up. Ever. Period. The women who do competitive muscle stuff, they have to do radical protein and major mojo weight lifting, and even then, some resort to "aids" to bulk up. We're not created for bulking like men are.

    Do not fear weights, ladies.

  3. My sister-in-law does a big cook up Sunday afternoon for most of her dinners for the week. She works full time and is busy (there is just her) and it really helps her keep on track. I can feel your positive attitude coming through!!

  4. I admit I'm a cheese addict! I have it most days and yep one of these days I'll be as brave as you do not have it for a week or two :)


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