Saturday, March 3, 2012

E2E Check in

Weigh in: 316 (-4lbs) 

Waist: 48"

Book: I gave it away to the secretary at the music dept. She was really excited about it.

Food: 6/7. I say six because I didn't track last Sunday and I'm sure I went over the 1700 I allow myself. P.s. The girl scout cookie days still didn't get me above 1400.

Exercise: 4/5 as thursday's swim class was cancelled.

Partner: I feel like I need to do better here... she's logging calories and exercise daily over on MFP and seems to be happy.

Last week's goals
So Goals... - Continue Lent - no eating out.- Midnight bedtime.- Stick to the menu!- Continue to hydrate fastidiously.- Avoid the depression place.- Do 300 pushups over the course of the week (prepping for the 500 push up challenge).
non-fat goals- Read a couple books (and return them).- Ship that box to my brother - Christmas presents, but he's finally done moving.- Avoid spending money!

Overall, though midweek I hit a lull where I hated everything about losing weight, I think this week was a success since I finally saw a lower number on the scale. I've got to cook some more new and simple recipes this week since I'm getting bored. So I've got some research to do, a menu to make and some grocery shopping to do. 

I successfully reignited my want and need to keep going by taking some more before and after photos. I didn't compare with the beginning of this challenge but back to last August. It felt good... and when I get into that crap place, it can be as simple as a hot bath, organizing laundry, cleaning or emptying the garbages to make me feel like I can accomplish things again. 
Thursday, March 2

This week's goals
- Continue Lent - no eating out.  
- 160 oz of water a day.  
- Go to both swim classes, NO EXCUSES! 
- Spend a little time in a sauna.  
- Do 300 push ups. 
- Don't poop out midweek on being healthy.  
 non-fat goals
- Read a book. AT LEAST ONE.
- Ship that box. 
- Practice piano at least 3x (Monday, Thurs, Fri).

Big Fat Goal Makin' Love,


  1. I can really tell a difference. You are getting so close to getting out of the 300's - may the Force be with you :-)

  2. Congrats on the 4lbs Nanette! You're going to feel so amazing when you get out the 300s - for me it was like a weight had been lifted, physically and mentally. :)

  3. Great loss! You are looking good...lookin' good!

  4. The difference is really noticable. I hope you can see it when you look in the mirrow. Onward and upward!!

  5. Seeing the difference is really motivating to me! Congrats on the loss & reigniting your own motivation! :)

  6. WOW, you are doing fantastic. I can really see the difference. You are doing amazing. Keep up the great work there my friend, keep it up!!!
    Take care and have a blessed week.

  7. Shrinking, you are shrinking! Great job, all your hard work is really paying off:-)

  8. Great loss, Nanette. You are doing really well. Congrats to you! I appreciate all the support you gave me on my blog this week. It helped greatly. I will be keeping you in my thoughts. Keep on going the way you are and you will be a great success. :)

  9. Happy Dance! Love the progress, you can really see it. You are going to go far, woman. Yes, you are. Don't let anything stop you. You're.Worth.It.

  10. Your photos are amazing! I can see such a difference! I really pooped out mid-week also. Do we need to change things up on our buddy system? What can I do to be more support for you?

    1. I just feel like I've been a crap buddy to you... But you seem to be on top of things all the time. :) Should we do a mid week email? Just to take the motivational temp?

  11. BIG difference in the photo, and that has to feel good good good great. I know I started taking picture cause I wanted reminders and I wanted motivation. Reminder not to regain. Motivation to lose more. It worked. Keep going, you're on a roll.

  12. Yeah!!!! The difference is wonderful, Nanette. Make your menus, have a plan and keep going!!

  13. Yeah!!!! The difference is wonderful, Nanette. Make your menus, have a plan and keep going!!


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