Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food and Good News

I've been struggling with water consumption for Allan's Challenge. I'm supposed to be drinking 160oz. a day. I haven't been forgetting my water bottle... I just haven't been very thirsty. So I wind up not drinking much during the day and then trying to get 3-4 liters in while at work... Which, I've been able to do with a trip to the bathroom every hour. heh!

I've also been eating more carbs this week. I mean... for the first time in weeks I ate a bowl of pasta with pesto. The calories have been in check and I'm still seeing a smaller number than Sunday's weigh in. So I'm not going to be super concerned about it. 

In addition to carbs... it's been fish fish fish! I'm kinda on a salmon kick. Can't get enough. Want it for lunch. Want it for dinner. 

This is a very important diet week as trainer cancelled two work outs this week and I had to take a piano test instead of going to swim today. So I've worked out ONCE this week (don't worry, I have another on on Friday and Saturday). Hence all the long thoughtful posts this week as well. I've got some time to look inward and process. In a way, it's been such a nice break, just a little mix up of the normal routine, let my body recover. 

I would also like to share my excitement with you guys today! I passed the second of 4 piano scale tests! I'm down to the really hard ones... the harmonic minors. Ugh... and two piano pieces. Debussy and Schubert. 

and then... 

I'm done with my degree. 

Part of the internal digging has helped me wade through some of the stress and anxiety over moving. I sat down with my calendar yesterday and wrote down all my bill due dates on the calendar, in addition to all my paydays and set out a financial plan for getting bills paid and still being able to save about $200 a paycheck.

The next step is brushing up my resume so I can send it out in May before I travel out there in June. I want to land a job before I get out there. A fortunate turn of events this week has led to me moving out there at the same time as one of my friends... so instant roommate... and we have a mutual friend out there working in real estate. She's keeping an eye on openings at reasonable prices. She's also thinking of living with us. So hurrah... instantly 2 roommates that I'm familiar with! 

Savings: check
Apartment: check
Job: almost... 
Degree: almost... 

I'm halfway to feeling secure.... I feel like I can breathe again. 

Big Fat 5 year plan Love, 


  1. That is such good news Nanette! I´m so happy for you. Sounds like things are really happening for you.

  2. Doesn't it feel good to sit down and plan it all out in front of you. And great news on the potential roommates. All of these changes coming at once. Wow.

  3. Contratuations for you. Sounds like things are falling into place for you! Hope it all works out.

  4. You are so cool. YOu're making progress on so many fronts and getting your life and act together. It's just lovely to watch you begin to majorly bloom!!!!

    I wish I could eat seafood. Miss it so much. SOO MUCH. I have to leave the room when a Red Lobster commercial comes on, just so I don't weep. :( Enjoy it for me.

  5. Super fantastic news! Really happy for you!

  6. Kudos to you on your achievements & success on moving forward with your goals, such an exciting time!


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