Monday, March 5, 2012

EXPLODING with anger.

Okay... I'm just going to use this anger to help me appreciate all the people who communicate clearly, give tasks early with well thought out instructions, a big virtual hug.

I'm also not going to take out these nasty feelings on a giant piece of red meat. I'm not going to allow myself to eat anything until I can calm down. Calm down on your own, Nanette.

Someone at work wasted a large percentage of my working time last week on a project that they eventually gave up on. Because of that, I'm RUSHING to get my work done this week (programs before the recitals/concerts this weekend). Because of that project last week. I had to do work, unpaid at home in order to meet my deadlines last week. I am not a salaried employee, nor am I even full-time. I am allowed to collect 10 hours of pay per week. I cannot go over it. I am floored. Because of that project last week and because I have 7 programs to do this week, I will be taking work home YET AGAIN. Not acceptable.

Maybe if I were a full-time employee, maybe if I'd wasted my own time instead of having someone waste it FOR me... maybe then I'd buck up and stop feeling like I'm being disrespected. But here I am, student worker, making MINIMUM WAGE and doing more work than our real secretary - because she doesn't know how to use word/pagemaker/adobe/pages.

I'm just feeling crapped on from every direction. It also feels like I should take next week off. Or go home early and let them catch up on the hours they owe me for. If I can calm down and get my irrational anger out, I can approach the department chair and talk to him about what's going on. Maybe he'll concede to allowing me more hours. This is the last week that I will take work home.



  1. Oh man, do I know that feeling! Good for you for not stress eating...and not knocking a bitch out! Talk to your department chair when you have calmed down, and make it very clear that you will NOT be taking work home, especially when they have an employee who is full time and should be handling the responsibilities that you are currently doing for FREE.

    Then take another eighty billion deep breaths and picture NYC!

    (also, side note, got your comment on MFP. I am tracking every day, I just made a new account for the Allan challenge, so I've been doing it there instead)

  2. Big props for reacting in a way that takes care of YOU! And thinking of a way to prevent this from happening again. Now you can take a nice, long, hot shower or spend some time reading a book. Give yourself a treat for staying away from things that hurt your progress! A NON-FOOD treat.

  3. I think taking some time off to cool down is a good idea. I would be hot under the collar too and ready to eat someone for breakfast. Good for you for directing your anger in the right direction and not using it as a food excuse. I have a tendency to do that sometimes. I will take a cue from you next time. :) Hang in there.


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