Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back on the Wagon #6

I went out walking today. I took my camera so I could try and capture the feel of Preston and Idaho before I leave. Something to get all gushy about when I think Manhattan sucks.

I had three miles. Three quiet miles to think about how I'm leaving these people and this area behind. The people who know what branding a cow smells like and practice things like irrigation, well-digging and crop-rotation. The culture that keeps families close (suffocatingly so), goes to church every Sunday and talks about the ONE mugging that happened in our town last month. I'm KIND of getting why my parents would like this place... no cars. no traffic. fewer worries about your kids running around with the 'wrong' crowds (in pleasantville they don't exist).

Preston is in Cache Valley near the tip of the Rocky Mountains. We can usually tell East or West depending on which mountains we see... North and South are Open sky. 

With Traffic like this it's amazing people get anywhere. heh. I saw a grand total of 28 cars over the course of three miles. 

Local Color. 

The view from the field behind our house. Idaho is SO BROWN. 
Today's menu
Breakfast: pear+raspberries+ 2 squares of dark chocolate
Snack: Orange + plum
Lunch: Chicken breast w/pesto and goat cheese.
Snack: carrots+cucumber slices.
Dinner: Tomato, steamed brussel sprouts + smoked salmon (3oz)
Snack: Honey greek yogurt w/ raspberries.

Work out
3 mile walk.

3 rounds of... 
20 low abs.
10 side plank dips: right.
10 side plank dips: left.
60 second plank

10 minute lap swim.

I'm heading out to the pools with mom tonight. I went last night as well. I will miss the hot pools for sure. I spent a good hour talking to my Aunt Loenza today. She was a potty pit stop on the way home from the walk. Small town. Big families. Always a bathroom nearby. Ha!

Big Fat Small Town Love,


  1. Oh boy do I ever LOVE your hike! I love seeing different scenery, and it's so different from what I'm used to. Please do it more, and DO take photos!! What wouldn't I give to see the Rocky Mountains live.

  2. Sorry you are leaving such an ideal place, but... The city has a lot to offer. Exciting things lay ahead.

  3. Wow what beautiful places to walk!!

  4. It looks like a lovely place. Kind of like here with the small town feel. There is nothing quite like a small town.

  5. Big change from Smallville to Metropolis. I watched a video called "Wear Sunscreen" it is on YouTube. It mentions "live in NY City once, but leave it before it makes you hard. Live in Northern California once, but leave it before it makes you soft." It is a cool little video...


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