Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fit Test!

So we did our third monthly fit test... The test is 7 minutes long. So each workout gets 50 seconds and a ten second rest. The three numbers are listed as: first month, second month, this month.

Squats -  38, 32, 36
Pushups - 24, 28, 32
Burpees - 7,  10,  12
High Knees- 43, 66, 65
Switch Lunge - 21, 30, 27
Squats (modification) - 18, 26, 37
Crunches (modification) - 17, 41, 52

I can see why I wouldn't have improved on the high knees, we haven't done them in forever. The switch lunges, I'm a little disappointed in. We've done them a LOT lately - I also realized I'd been doing them wrong, I wasn't bending my knees properly. I suspect that correcting my form is slowing me down there.

I'm super happy to see the burpees getting a little easier and that number going up. I feel like the 300 pushup week helped out with that. Also, the crunches... I will totally throw that improvement to all the competition sit ups we did last week (over 200) and introducing the plank into my life every day.

We did an ab work out after the fit test. Left/right side crunches, leg lifts, plank, star crunches. I've been feeling really good... able to feel my muscles under my fat, able to feel the tightness and the stretch in my core during other movements... and then I see this photo from the weekend that my mother posted last night...

I've got SUCH a long way to go. I'm trying not to get discouraged and what not. There are still plenty of inches to lose...    I keep reminding myself of how many I've lost already. Imagine what that picture COULD have been like. Until my body is emulating the image of myself in my head...   I will be sitting straighter and avoiding cameras still.

I will appreciate all super fat photos of myself. They will mark my progress. I am a beautiful woman and I'm actively changing my body and lifestyle. I am strong. I am willful. I am tenacious and goal-oriented. I will soon be all of those things, jam-packed into a smaller body.

Big Fat Horrible Photo Love,


  1. Oh, I hate myself in pics too. It just shows how much our minds can make us "feel" thin, when actually we have a long way to go. Sometimes it´s good to see the reality. It helps me to strengthen my resolve and not stop trying!

  2. Those pics will definitely come in handy one day when you look back just to see how far you've come. I still avoid cameras and probably will for a while. If only it was as easy to get off as it was to put on, huh? Keep going, best wishes!

  3. You're moving in the right direction. You can do it!

  4. Look at all the improvement in your fitness though! Amazing. Be proud! You are doing the right things.

  5. Never get discouraged!! I read your posts and they are so inspiring. You are doing such a fabulous job in your journey.

  6. You are awesome!!! You are doing awesome!! And you will get to where you want to be but doing exactly what you're doing. Keep it up girl, keep it up!!
    Take care and have a blessed rest of the week!

  7. Don't get discouraged. All of your hard work will pay off!

  8. You are kicking butt & looking great! I admire your ability to take your exercise head on & tackle all that you have cause I don't push myself enough in that area & have been contemplating joining a gym so that I have access to the equipment & such.

    1. what's absolutely awesome, is that you don't really need a gym. Body weight exercise is where it's at! I mean, sometimes I use some dumbells or a kettlebell, but it's like... $25 for something good and that's a hell of a lot cheaper than a bright shiny gym for everyone to watch me wiggle about.

      try or if you're looking for some challenging high intensity interval training.


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