Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bendy and back on track.

So I went to PiYo (pilates-yoga) today at the community rec center. It's the first time I've ever been there and for a whopping $5 I got to go to class and have full access for the rest of the day to the gym/pool etc. Not that I can really take advantage of that since I don't have a car to drive back, but this is definitely something I could get my friends into.

I feel great. GREAT. The instructor is really kind and chatty. She's very attentive to her students (there were only 5). But I got feedback on my poses and stretches. It helped stretch out my hamstrings and lengthen my spinal column. It's reversing all the tension I've been building with the high intensity interval training. Holly helped me find a great stretch for opening up between my shoulders.

I'm ready to jump back up, off my jiggly fat ass and get it heading back towards fitness.

I was a dinner for an out of town friend last night and received a lot of compliments about how far I've come. Trent (if you remember him, he was my work out partner last semester) told me that I just looked alive and bright...despite my anger and yearning to be a complete and utter bitch because of my bad mood. Trent and I talked about body stuff - like my rainbow of fat going away above my butt, the need to purchase new bras, the emergence of my long forgotten jaw bone and facial structure.

Trainer said we're back on for next week. No stopping. Full boar.

The plan for eating today...
Breakfast: Access bar
Lunch: tuna fish + steamed asparagus.
Mid-afternoon: tomato + broccoli (steamed?)
Dinner: Steak + edamame.
Pre-bed: orange.

It's kinda minimal today... but I'm trying to reduce the crap and do a little penance for yesterday. Of course there will be a lot of tea and water.

I'm also going for a soak at the mineral pools. Staying hydrated is key. Getting out of the house (away from all the food) is another key.

Big Fat Stretchy Love,


  1. Good on ya for your great attitude!

  2. hi nanette! i love your blog. if your birthday is May 28th, i feel like we might be weight loss blog twins from different mothers, decades, and birthplaces. mine is may 28th and i'll be 36 this year. i'm working my way down from the 360s as you saw on my blog, and i loved reading about how far you've come so far. i will be back, and wanted to say hello. hope you have a great week.

  3. Hi, Nanette. Great that you don't just go on vacation when your trainer doesn't have time, but you look for alternatives. You are doing so well! Can I ask you for one thing? Start to love your body. I know, at the moment it's still difficult, but start NOW. Don't wait, until you have reached THAT goal. You are so beautiful and you deserve to be nice to yourself (talking nicely about your body - you know, what I mean). :-)

  4. The class sounds great & its great that you try these things. I have an aversion to then cause of insecurities, it all boils down to that I'm sure. I wish I could make them my bitch for once like you seem too:-)

    1. I read somewhere something about doing something new or uncomfortable every day. I think that being judged for DOING something (like going to a gym, or a PE class), is a whole lot better than being judged for NOT doing something (I wear my fat to be ironic, that kind of thing).

      I also know that I don't make fun of dumb kids in the library. So I probably project my negative self feelings onto fellow fitness seekers in a class situation. They probably don't see fat person in a gym and think it's a bad thing. :)

  5. That's an amazing deal. I wish we had something like that.

  6. i would definitely do the $5 for an all day pass. i loves the pooool. i tried pilates and failed. and i tried yoga and i am pretty sure it was invented by chinese prison guards. so not for me :-) glad you like it though. its soooo good for you!


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