Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mini Challenge and a Midweek update

It's been a good fitness week! My personal mini challenge of 300 pushups is right on track. I'm currently 120/300. Tomorrow is the last day with trainer for the week and I can't wait to take Friday off as a rest day.

Today's workout went like this...

3 rounds of... 
pushups - 10 reps
tricep dips - 25 reps
Bicep curls w/bands or weights - 25 reps
squat jumps - 50 sec
high knees - 50 sec
competition sit ups - 25 reps
Plank - 50 sec 

I've been floating around 2lbs heavier than my weigh in... which makes me sad, and skeptical of the scale. I've been working so hard! I hope it's muscle being built or fluid retention...  something! I don't want to incur Allan's wrath.

My caloric/water intake has been like this...
Sat - 1143/128oz
Sun - 1164/128 oz
Mon - 1643/176 oz
Tues - 1318/160 oz
Wed -  430 /88 oz (so far).

So I'm struggling with getting my 160 oz in per day for the Allan challenge. Particularly when I'm at home without the luxury of the great filtered water at work. 

I've been supporting people in the E2E challenge pretty well. I haven't been reading my book, but I have been doing a lot of reading about the primal blueprint stuff.

Been watching Eaba's Myfitnesspal account. She's doing well. Keepin' active and eatin'right!

Big Fat Check In Love,


  1. You are doing very well. The scale might not be reflecting that, but you are sure doing yourself a world of good with the exercise. It will start to show up in less inches and more energy as each day passes!!

  2. I hope you see the scale go down. It´s so much more fun.... :)

  3. If you keep doing the right things the scale will eventually move down, Nanette. I remember how frustrating it was after my sugary when it got to the place where it was coming off so slowly it drove me mad. Sometimes after a loss of several pounds, our bodies have to readjust before it will move lower. Fat and water are redistributed and can hold us at a standstill even though our bodies are still changing. Try not to get frustrated. It will happen as long as you keep working at it. I know you can do it!

  4. Really proud of you for sticking to it and being so self-disciplined!

  5. Wow, you have some discipline there! You are sticking to your plan and doing so well!


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