Saturday, March 31, 2012


Plans changed all over the place last night...  The menu was out the window. Had a salad for lunch. Steak for dinner. Wound up on a nature trail with my friend Holly for a good hour or so. Then went out to the hot pools. I kind of got a little flippant with the money and splurged on a massage.

But I made a new friend and fellow fat fighter!!! The massage therapist is in one of the classes that Trainer teaches! Small world. She was really great, friendly and quite good at the massaging bit. But yeah, another potential work out partner. And I sense some dedication. She's been doing her last class work out every day of spring break. AWESOME, right?!? :)

Anyway... Some photos. Inspired by Maren!

This is my kind of nature. Paved trails. 

This is the Cherry Creek. 

We found something green! 

We also found an amphitheater. So we put on a show.  

"We just wandered through that shit." 

Big Fat Adventure Love,


  1. This is great. You are not limiting yourself or waiting until things are better to enjoy life and make friends. You go girl.

  2. Love the photos, Nanette! I am safer on paved trails because my balance is off but around here in the national park those paved trails are so popular that you can't walk on them without getting trampled. So, when Dail and I hike we go to lesser known rough trails and use walking sticks, or soon, my new trekking poles. I haven't tried them out yet. It looks like you had a great time. :)

  3. Looks like a fun hike. Hiking with a friend is the best!

  4. Thanks for sharing you walk. Also I love the Victory pose. You are doing awesome Nanette. Keep up the great work.
    Take care and have a blessed week!

  5. Love seeing where you walk! Thanks for sharing. It really does look like you live in a dessert or is it just because it's winter, that it looks so dry? Except for the hills, it seems very similar to here.

    1. It's desert-ish. We have a few green months per year. It depends on the snow. But northern Idaho is GREEEEEEN. Southern Idaho is Brown. Lots of sage brush. Lots of evergreens.

  6. Your look in the last picture, is priceless!

    1. Grammar aside. Didn't mean to put the comma. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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