Thursday, March 1, 2012


I've had such a hard time not thinking that today is Friday. Don't know why. It's just one of those things.

I tossed the left over GS cookies in the bin outside bc I ate two yesterday. Gone. I keep my promises to myself. 

The Allan challenge is going alright. I find that if I can drink 64 oz before leaving the house, the rest of the 160 oz is easier to consume... and I don't spend all my work time in the bathroom. 

The Lent (no eating out) thing is going really well. I haven't been to a restaurant/diner/deli or purchased any premade food. Figuring that I'd said yes to all the dinner/lunch invitations, I've been able to save about $80 in the last week or so. It's gone straight into the pig of dreams to help pay for the move to NYC. 

Dear pounds, Be afraid of me. Sincerely, Nanette
The scale has been all over the place this week. I've been under my 1900 calorie allotment every day. However, still the lowest number I've seen is 319. I'm trying to keep my chin up about it. I have been eating more grains and more salt. This is to be expected. I'm also building muscle with these work outs. I hope the that muscle will set me up for some longer term success... Big picture, Nanette, Big picture. 

I'd followed a myriad of links last night from many different blogs, reading tons of different articles, tons of different blogs. Usually this is a good enough tool to get me amped and ready to eat my weight in greens - instead of beiges. I'm going to call these unhealthy cravings results of eating sugar and excess wheat. 

This is also the last month of the pill I'm going to take until June. Goodbye beautiful skin. I'll see you again soon. 

If I want smaller numbers, more single ingredient food. More veg. More protein. More fiber. 

So today... 

Swim class cancelled bc I was the only person who showed up followed by DEATH BY HIIT. 

Breakfast: 3 egg whites + salsa (no toast). 
Post work out: Half a protein bar and piece of fruit
Lunch: Other half of the protein bar and some fajita insides. 
Snack: Red plum, orange
Dinner: salmon bake, cucumber, tomato, celery
Prebed: Mint tea in a hot bath. 


  1. Sounds like you're doing well. Don't worry about the scales (we all say that but don't mean it don't we?!!). Good for you sticking to your Lent commitment.

  2. Good for you for getting rid of the cookies. I have a hard time throwing away food, even if they are bad for me. When I was a kid the big deal at home and school was "The Clean Plate Club". Kids were praised for eating everything on their plates. I was punished for not finishing mine because my mother thought it was a sin to waste food. Even now, after all this time, I feel bad when I have to throw something out.

    Hang in there. I bet you will see that scale moving soon. All that water is bound to be affecting you.

    Thanks for all the support and help you have been giving me. I appreciate it very much. :)


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