Friday, March 23, 2012

Back On The Wagon #5

Had a lovely shopping day with Trainer. Lots of fresh ingredients! :)

Anyway... the fat stuff.

Breakfast: Banana + cheese curds
Snack: Plum + 3oz of smoked salmon
Lunch: greek yogurt
Snack: skip (big dinner)
Dinner: chicken breast + asparagus wraps (smoked deli turkey+goat cheese around steamed asparagus).
Snack: tomato + orange.

 REST...  My entire body hurts.

Since I'm going home, I don't get to go to the PiYo class tomorrow. So I need to take my weight gloves, resistance band and the determination to DO IT while at my parents' house. I'm going to take my swim suit as well and see if I can head out to the mineral pools. I kinda wanna go on a walk and take some hometown photos so I have something to look at when I get all sentimental. blargh... list time.

While at home...
- cook dinner for family.
- go to pools.
- do 2 work outs.
- edit one video.
- take some photos.
- sing at the nursing home.
- laundry.

Now... to pack! More tomorrow! :)

Big Fat Hometown Love,


  1. I love to see you so on fire. You be cool!

  2. You are a trooper! I really like how you have taken charge! It is so important to step back and realize at a young age opposed to years and years of denial or complacency.

    I think I remember you posting about Pokey. You and I will be neighbors soon! I like Pokey. I love the closer to the hills/mini mountains and the fact that it now has the only Japanese Grocery Store in SE Ideeho. LOL. Lived in IF since 2007 until we moved last October, but going back. My daughter's bff Amazon Amanda needs us. We really kind of miss Idaho and definitely miss Amanda!

  3. I love your determination!!

  4. It sounds really great to be able to shop with your trainer, that must be really helpful! You sound really motivated and I love that!!

  5. How awesome to shop with the trainer!! You are really doing great!

  6. Hi this is Kody from I am excited to be joining you on the Ready for Summer Challenge the next 10 weeks. I am a new follower of your blog! If you have a chance stop by for a visit some time!!


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