Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Blogger...

So I've been talking to my friend at work, Angela, about this whole weight loss thing. I told her about you guys... blogging, tracking, supporting. She's started her own blog now (I take zero credit - she's just ready). If you feel like helping out a new fat-fighter, you can find her here. She's a great lady and quite dedicated. I'm sure she would appreciate some of you very fine bloggers to urge her on.

I had an indian flatbread with my broccoli and feta this afternoon. Here it is 6:00 p.m. and I'm still dragging my feet. I feel like I got knocked on my face and the flatbread is the only thing that's weird or new about my diet. It's also the only grain based product I've had this week and only something like 30 minutes later I was sluggish and in DIRE need of a nap. I'm surprised that it hit me that hard... was it a combination of the wheat and a sunny afternoon? Wheat + sunny afternoon + great workout = sluggish? I'm partial to blaming wheat. Does that energy zap happen to anyone else?

Big Fat Curious Love,


  1. Too many carbs does a number on me as well. It's funny if we go to meet our son and eat at Olive Garden I have to drive home because both my husband and son order pasta dishes and they can hardly hold their heads up afterwards. I say it was the wheat as well.

  2. Carb Overload. If you were to check your blood glucose level, it would probably be pretty high.

  3. Carbs make you slow and sleepy. But one thing I discover about bread, it's ease my bowel movement. Strange, but I have to go toilet after eating a few slice of bread :)


  4. It could have also been the lack of protein in your lunch.....perhaps? I aim for 10-20 grams (At least) for my lunches.

  5. I will def go check her out.


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