Saturday, March 10, 2012

healthy cooking, holmes...

So yeah... I'm at home. My dad got his new mobility scooter. We took him back over to the nursing home to finish a release form and visit his little old lady friends. I sang while they played games. Then I met a lot of them. One lady, M, has a closet full of jewelry and let me pick two pieces to take home with me. I also signed a paper saying that she let me have it so she can't accuse anyone of stealing. Quirky. 

They all told me I looked like my dad, except one lady... "when you smile you look just like your mom, but don't tell her that." That ending tag line - but don't tell her that - is something she adds to the end of every sentence. "you sound just like her too, but don't tell her that." It was kinda silly and made absolutely everything seem like gossip. 

I've been cooking for myself, like always, since my parents don't really eat the way that I do. So last night I baked some salmon w/olive oil mayo and almond slivers with steamed veggies and tomato slices with balsamic. Me and all my fancy cooking ways... as my dad said. So they had me make breakfast this morning. I sauteed some mushrooms, baby red potatoes, red bell peppers, and a little onion and put in some eggs to scramble up with it.

My normal 6 meals a day has been sorta disrupted. I don't think it's a bad thing. I mean, mixing it up keeps the body confused at least. But doing the normal 3 meals a day thing is leaving me super hungry by the time I sit down to eat. I'm going to the grocery store to buy some supplemental snacks. 

I also got 50 pushups in this morning...   That puts me at 280 pushups this week... 20 more before bed and I will get my 300 pushups in a week goal taken care of! 

Big Fat Hometown Love, 


  1. Sounds like you are doing extraordinarily well with your food!!

  2. M, sounds like fun! I love the, "...but don't tell her that." :D Congrats on completing your goal!

  3. Thanks for always leaving such awesome support. I feel bad because I haven't been out in the blogosphere doing the same. I'm trying to remedy that right now. Either way thank you! It brightens my day. Btw that salmon sounds absolutely delicious. I need to start cooking up my tilapia I have waiting for me in the freezer. LOL



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