Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I keep noticing things... more slender fingers, where my jaw hits my ear, cheekbones, ankle ligaments. I'm not sure that they're changing... or if it's a result of spending more time staring. But it's nice to see things change... small things. Even if I can't measure them.

No murder happened at work today. The dept. chair was out... I guess I'll have to wait until thursday to talk to him. I'm catching up on all the work... and that calms me down.

It was another good set of work outs this morning...

Lap swimming with intervals of resistance band work.

Then the HIIT.

switch lunges w/side kick - 10 reps.
Pushup+superman - 10 reps
1 min jump rope.
1 min high knees jump rope.
standing side-bends w/ kettle bells (25lb) - 10 reps.

Repeat 3x.
Time: 19:09

Apparently, I've forgotten a lot about jump roping since elementary school. It took two rounds for me to get the hang of it again. I'm hoping to get more proficient... She makes it look so easy! It's a work out tool I can pack up with me - that's always sitting at the back of my mind - how can I get into a routine that I can continue when I leave here? Getting rid of the gym and sticking to at home, body weight exercises have been a great answer.

Yesterday, we had such a teaser for spring. I walked all the way to work in only a cardigan and didn't regret it. And then it snowed today. It's getting close... my energy levels are already up. :)

Big Fat Moving-It Love,


  1. I'm interested in knowing what your job is..something to do with music I know that much.

    1. I have three jobs. I work 10 hours per week for the music department as "clerk" - but basically I create music programs, schedule audition day, correspond with people looking for lessons and etc.

      The night job - 20 hours per week... I'm a manager at distance learning (university classes broadcast across the state). I make sure people show up to operate the cameras and help when there are technical issues. I get a lot of blog reading time in.

      Then I teach voice lessons on the side... I have 3 students for now. A light load since I'm trying to reduce stress for the unfattening. And have some piano practice time.

  2. Your workouts are amazing! Youth is on your side...enjoy it while it last!

    1. Weird thing... I'm constantly getting my ass handed to me by a woman 10 years my senior. Trainer lady is in her mid30's... has had her kids. And in the last year she dropped 40lbs herself by switching from teaching 10 cardio classes a week to teaching 4 cardio classes and doing these HIIT workouts 3x-4x a week.

      I could only imagine how much harder it would be if I had less energy. I'm constantly trying to keep motivated and not puss out.

  3. It´s amazing how you are so motivated and so disciplined with your exercises! Have people already realized, that you lost weight?

    1. I post my weight loss results on my facebook. So people know the number is going down... I get compliments. But I'm not sure if people are noticing on their own - heh. Oh well. I love to see people I haven't seen in about a year. Usually they are the opinions I trust.


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