Monday, March 5, 2012

Beginner workout progressions

While at my other job tonight, I spent three hours doing programs. I should be caught up with all the senior recitals for the rest of the month. This way I should be able to just work on the last minute faculty recitals/choir concerts/symphony/band/wind ensemble concerts coming up. And be able to keep my skepticism and bitterness to a minimum - it's a natural tendency of mine that I hate to have/display.

I'm really looking forward to the work out tomorrow. I've gotta kick something's ass... even if it's my own.

After work I did 70 pushups for my 300 pushup in a week goal. I'm now 100/300. I might get some more in after a hot bath.

I saw a great chart over on Julie's page that I plan on following/integrating into my daily work outs.

Also...   I found some great progression work outs... because I still can't do real push ups, and I can't do real planks and I can't do real pull ups and my form needs help on my squats. This is for all you other beginners out there.

I love how he makes it feel really easy to progress. It's motivating to know that I'm not stuck at girly pushups forever. Just until I can complete 60 good girly pushups in one go...   once I can do that... gotta start trying to do the real ones and work my way up.

Same thing with the plank. Right now, my belly hits the floor on my elbows... and it pulls on my back... so I'm starting at the very basic and hopefully working my way up.

Big Fat Dare-You-To-Try-It Love,


  1. Thanks for sharing these. Form is very important and you sure don't want to hurt yourself so these are excellent vidoe's. Thanks for joining me for my birthday run. It'll be awesome having you.
    Take care Nanette and have a blessed evening!

  2. I was a good girl this week and finally got off my butt and starting my dumbbell exercise. Time to stop putting it off and getting regular with it. I want sexy arms lol!


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