Thursday, February 2, 2012


Again it's a night of head hunger not real hunger... But I'm too sore and stiff to go make anything. So that's another hidden benefit of exercise.

Dealing with gossip at work today. One of the other managers is spreading stuff about me dating an operator (those we supervise)... Despite me being in a relationship aside from that, and she knows it. AND she doesn't have anything to base it on, other than he stopped in my office to say hi twice last week. The scandal. I don't know if I want to play it up or play it down. Either way I let the operator know that there's garbage going around and to be careful... and I let the boyfriend know, so he doesn't hear anything that doesn't come from me first. Ridiculous.


sleepy girl goes to bed.
Big fat bedtime love,


  1. Don't play it up.. even before I read it, I knew your boss was going to be a woman.

  2. Hey Nanette I tagged you today. Check on my blog :) Play along if you like!


  3. Lord Love a Duck. How ridiculous. Sometimes I'm extra grateful I work in a company full of men. Not that they don't gossip, they do. It just doesn't have the petty viciousness of gossip I've witnessed in offices filled with women.

    Big YEAH for ignoring the head hunger!


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