Friday, February 17, 2012

Coming Down

I do believe I'm coming down with a cold. Sickness is no stranger to me. Particularly in a music building where we go into rooms and breathe at each other in high volumes (choir), or share practice rooms with people who empty spit valves on the floor, or be constantly surrounded by the same diseased people. It's germ incest over there. For the last three years, I've been averaging 3-4 upper respiratory infections a year.

Until now. I have gone since May without an illness! I'm not in choir anymore, though still in the music building. I'm not singing or spending a whole lot of time exchanging germs with musicians. But I am practicing more... And I would bet you five dollars that's where I picked this one up.

I got to sleep in. I've cancelled the date. I'm thinking very hydrating thoughts and will be fluid-ing it up today... And getting the stinking laundry done.

Yesterday was my workout rest day. Today I'm supposed to be dragging myself through another 15 minutes of sweaty, but invigorating body hell. I'm not super sure that's going to happen. A) I'm tired, achy and lazy. B) My motivation is GONE today. C) Breathing is hard.

But who knows?! Maybe this will turn around by mid-day. I want to get some fat burning in... I went out to eat twice this week. Two times of sodium overdose, non-controlled use of oil, and paying too much for something I could do at home.

big fat snot monster love,


  1. I love comic book art. Hope you feel better. Don't get caught up in the feed the cold mentality lol. I tried twice the feed a cold pizza and a six pack of beer (back in the day). I would chose Heineken and never make it past 3. After sleeping it off...I woke up like the Irish girl that I was (back then) ready to jig!

    Before I go...I cannot believe it the captchas are pretty demanding here. Two words the first one is like seven letters and the second is five. Wickedly bent up first set.
    The one I got "hasilet fecking" omg frikking demanding

  2. Hope you feel better! I've been feeling on the verge of sickness the past few days too but haven't let it overcome me yet.

  3. Oooohhhhh that's what you look like....NOT!! Hope you get up and over it soon.

  4. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well, Nanette. I hope you are better soon. Take care of yourself. :)

  5. I feel like a terrible buddy! I've barely checked on you this week and when I do, you've got the snots!!! Don't feel bad if you don't workout today. Your body might just need to use that energy to help you kick this cold. Hang in there and I will be watching for your update tomorrow.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement Nanette. You're a legend!!

  7. Feeling bad definitely lowers your motivation. Maybe take the day to get better and workout tomorrow!


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