Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We finally got snow!!!   I've been waiting all winter! Not that I much care for snow, but Idaho without snow is just brown. Which is all good and dandy if you like brown. I don't.

I went to the swim class this morning. We did a lot of minute long challenges there...   Biceps with bands, triceps with the bands, pull ups on the diving boxes, Ab moves, Leg moves... It was a great class. 

After swim, I went to the Instructor/Trainer/Sarah's house. We did a pyramid of reps. So 5x-10x-15x-10x-5x of the following exercises. 

- Lunges
- Kettle bell swings (25lb). 
- Bicep curl+press (10lb). 
- Competition sit ups left side. 
- Competition sit ups right side. 

I'm stinking at my 300 push up goal. I thought I'd be able to get a jump start with the training session today. But not a push up in sight. Maybe I need to make pushups my goal every time so we don't have to do them. heh. I told Sarah about the goal. She's trying to do it too... but she wants to do pull ups. Yeah...   I'm not going to try to match that... Lovely little 120lb Sarah... She can have all the pull ups in the world. I won't ask her to share until I'm down into the 100s. 

So I was a giant stupid head about 4 weeks ago. There are girl scout cookies in my house. I ordered 3 boxes. One of each of my favorite flavors; tagalongs, samoas and thin mints. I'm taking them to work tonight to see what I can pawn off on my coworkers. And I'm allowing myself ONE a day. As soon as I go over that ONE a day... I have to throw away the rest. 

Over on Allan's challenge, the rules for me are Calories: 1900 and Water: 160 oz. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY OUNCES!!!   I made it there last night. Drank the whole thing. I've never been so excited to lose some stinking weight...   Not only will there be less of me to haul around, but I can stop feeling like i'm drowning! Since the water calculation is based on half your weight in ounces.... the sooner I hit 200lbs the happier I'll be. I do well around 100oz of water. 

I consistently eat fewer than 1900 calories. So I'm hoping that's not going to be an issue. I'm a highly competitive person... I kinda REALLY WANT TO WIN. 

Big Fat Back On The Goal Wagon Love, 


  1. When I first did A's challenge, getting the water in was a huge challenge--I was NOT a water drinker and I never made my fluids "should get" prior to dieting seriously with challenges.

    I peed every 15 minutes and came close to having accidents. Being post-menopausal AND drinking a ton of fluids..whoa. Danger! Going out was a trial..I had to plan bathroom stops if we drove or walked more than 15-20 mins.

    But then adapt. I still go alot, but it's not scary "emergency, I'm about to pee my pants" continually. hahah

    You'll get there.

    The minute you can't stop thinking about those cookies, coat them in oiil or salt and dump them in the trash. Seriously.

    Later, babe...

  2. I don't like brown either. It is so DRAB. I had a hard time with the water at first too when I did one of Allan's other challenges but I eventually turned it into a habit and now I feel bad if I don't get it all in. Hang in there. It will get easier. :)

  3. Here's hoping you win too. I thought about joining, but it's too far from Australia to take up the prize. And as you are going to win it, well, what's the point as their is a deserving winner already!!

    1. hahahah! I hope! I AM SO TIRED OF BEING FAT! I'm excited to up the ante.

  4. You should not be looking at it from the 'one a day' aspect. Take the approach of how many calories are in 1? Is it worth the cost?

    Everything is a number and we count calories... is that item worth the cost in calories? If they are 20 calories each, then yes.. if they are 120 calories each, then even one is too expensive. For 120 calories you can have a big plate of salad greens and dressing, and munch on it for 20 minutes.. is 1 cookie that is gone in 20 seconds worth it?

    That is how I moderate and pick what I am eating..

  5. We have had very little snow here ( I am in PA.) so everything is brown. Not my favorite color . My granddaughters sold girl scout cookies this year I did not buy one box ( I cant eat them Celiac) but I sold many many boxes to my co workers,lol
    I wanted to ask you,, how much DOES snot weight,lol Cant you get a cold from someone over the internet? ,lol I have gotten a terrible cold and am sure I have gained 5 pounds in snot alone ,lol

  6. What the heck is a competition sit up? That pyramid scheme sounds harder than hard - I gotta try it, but I honestly don't think I can hack it! Are you feeling muscles yet? That's the best feeling - or one of them anyway!

    1. A competition sit up... You're on the ground. Legs in butterfly position. Then you lay back. I keep my hands by my face so I'm not using arm momentum... and you do your sit ups keeping your legs flat. It feels good... and hard.

      The pyramid is great... and hard... It takes having someone there with me to get me past the 15 rep set.

      I'm not sure if I'm feeling muscles as much as I am feeling SORE. heh. I'm sure that under this fat suit, my body is ripped.


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