Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sworn in

I had an early morning work meeting today... Thursdays are normally my rest day from working out. But I'm hoping to get another work out in this afternoon. I'm not seeing happy numbers on my scale. I'm still up 4-5lbs since the weekend of crap eating. It's not helping that my trainer lady isn't working with me this week - as she's a very powerful motivator. But she doesn't deserve any of that crap word, BLAME...  That motivation and determination has to come from inside me. I got a work out in on tuesday and wednesday... I owe myself an extra work out this week because I skipped my sunday one (AND ate pizza, not smart).

Long and short of it... I've gotta keep moving! I'm doing really well with my eating this week. However, I feel like the days are SO LONG this week. So it's been a bit more of that going to bed mentally hungry thing. Which stinks. But I sleep anyway.

I'm going grocery shopping with my friend Brittany today. She and I are eaters. We eat together. So I'm trying to come up with different activities. We're going through our apartments and doing a Goodwill donation then going grocery shopping - which is good. I need to have some new fruits and veg in my house to entice me and coax me away from all things 10,000% saturated fat and 30,000,000 mg sodium. 

I do hereby swear...
- to work out at 3:00 and get cleaned up in a timely manner.
- to NOT eat out, drive through or do anything naughty while with Brittany.
- to get rid of some of the crap in my apartment (at least SOMETHING is losing weight).
- to make it to work on time.
- stop obsessing about that damned number on the scale.
- to not let this crappy weather entice me into hibernation.

Big Fat Swear-y Love,


  1. I'm making some of the same mistakes, We have been eating out a lot lately. I always do much better when we prepare meals at home. I think we are staying in tonight and having something homecooked.

  2. I de-cluttered my house recently and it feels great. I gave some to family members who needed stuff, took some to Goodwill, and just tossed quite a few things. It does feel good to have some things gone. New energy, for sure. Those are some good commitments, now stick to it!

    1. I just gave away 10 handbags and over 15 pairs of shoes, dishes, lamps, cd towers (who has cds anymore?), costume jewelry... My apartment doesn't LOOK much different. But I finally donated and got that off my mind.

  3. Good job on the decluttering! That always makes me feel so much lighter! Sadly though, that does not affect the scale! :)

  4. Sorry your week has been so tough! I've been a little lazy as well. Did you make your 3:00 p.m. workout? You've worked to hard to give in now so get your head back in the game! I want details of this coming weeks menu and your workout schedule.


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