Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MAJOR disappointment...

Boy can't come this weekend! :( BOOOOOO!!!   He screwed up at work this week and now he has to work saturdays for the rest of the month. Which means he won't be able to travel down and stay the weekend for another MONTH. UGH. I miss him.

I got my work out in and stayed under calories and REALLY under on my carbs - kinda proud of that. I had a piece of dark chocolate and I'm STILL under the carbs.

Tomorrow morning is another work out. is doing a 30 day February challenge. So there will be an abundance of videos to do this week. Part of me wants to do all thirty days... another part of me knows that isn't feasible at this point (at this weight, the stress on my joints is crazy intense). I want to commit to the next 14 days though. I will do 2 weeks of the bodyrock challenge. At that point I'll decide to continue.

If you wanna do it with me, tomorrow's video... 300 rep fat slaughter work out! P.s. the guy is total eye candy if you just wanna watch. heh.

Big Fat 14 day commitment love,

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